The Guide To Bass & Bass Equipments

Don't know what bass to buy to start out? Read this to get a few tips and a little help.

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Bass is the unofficial "backbone" of most bands, providing the perfect synchronization between the drums and guitar. But how do you get one? Easy. To get the basic starter bass, I say save at least 250 dollars (for bass and amp). Most people think Fender or MusicMan basses due to their popularity, but most people don't realize that you can't get one of those for under 500 dollars most the time. Start cheap and work you're way up. Good brands to start out are Squier (Fender owned cheap replicas), Epiphone (cheap Gibson replicas and very cool bodies) and Ibanez (an all-around cheap company). An added plus is that you can get many Value Packages which will include an amp for under 300 dollars. I myself started on a basic 1 pick-up Squier Bronco Bass, an easy short scale bass which is nearly identical to a Fender P-Bass. The one thing you need to lookout for is the pick-ups. I made the mistake of buying a one pick-up bass which I have paid for dearly (literally). I had to pay an extra 90 dollars later to get another pick-up placed in. Pick-ups shape the sound of your bass. You need as many as humanly possible. Next, Amps. Which amp do you want? There are many brands that sell cheap amps, but are they worth it? Fender brand amps are known to blow after about 2 years. While Crate has an amazing reputation for sound and durability. I myself own a BX15 Crate bass amp which sounds like a 25-30 watt even though it is only 15. One amp that suprised me was the Washburn brand. Known for guitars and basses, I expected the amp that came with my guitar to be crappy, boy was I suprised. That little 12 watt cranked out like no other. After I took off the protective grid on the front, it doubled the sound. Next and lastly, though not majorly important, I suggest a good effects pedal. If you didnt get enough pick-ups, some pedals can completely change the sound of your axe. Digitech sells a pedal with 81 effects in it, its insane. Inside it, it has 31 drum beats for you to play along with. Great practice material. For reference, the name of that pedal is the RP50. An incredible buy for the 80 dollars I spent on it. I mainly mentioned the things i own but thats because I want to spread the word on these wonderful starter items. Good luck bassits and spread the word the bass is making a comeback.

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    that article was very painfully bad... get your facts straight. isnt the bronco bass like a half size piece crap? i would say yes... well, i agree with you saying the more pickups the better. i bought ten pick ups and stuck them on the back of the body of my bass now it sounds great!!!... haha really shouldnt post ever again
    1st woo sounds to me like you dont really know much and that wasnt informative at all. more pickups the better?!? fenderamps blow after 2 years???? where are u pulling this from?
    wow.... that sucked if a begginer bassist read that it would've screwed them also ibanez is awesome and peavey amps rock
    Dude u suck i've been playing for a week and i knows more stuff than u pevey amps could kick u ass and if u take the protective gard off it dosen;t do anything diffrent so git a life!!!
    indeed.... if u want to bullshit do it elsewhere. fender amps last for YEARS AND YEARS. IBANEZ CHEAP!!!!! goddam their like 300 cheapest. asswipe... i could write a better article.... bass was never dead
    Just b/c you finally got your first bass and amp doesn't require or even qualify you to write an article about this. Now you should know that there is a kid out there who wanted to become the next Jaco but he read your article instead of a good one and became so confused that he picked up a flute instead....I hope you're happy.
    What's this bollocks about taking off the protective grid to double the sound? Hey, here's a crazy idea, turn the volume up!
    yer ibanez is a cheap company right yer so explain why i tried out two ibanez basses witch cost over 700 pounds and of course fenders blow after 2 years i mean ive had mine for almoust 4 years and had no problems. and also why the *** do u have an effects for basses i know no one that use them for any thing other than pissing around. dude this artical sucks its like what a dickhead who plays a picalo but thought it was a bass would write. did u like actually do any reserch, ask other people about there experiances with basses or anything like that?
    There now u can understand what i sed
    Hey, here's a crazy idea, turn the volume up!
    OMG!!! I JUST FOUND IT. IT WAS COVERED IN COBWEBS COS IT WAS LEFT ON 2 FOR ALL OF ETERNITY hahaha no. i could write a better article. my bass has 1 humbucking p-bass pickup, and that is enough. the most ive seen is a stu hamm bass with 3! loads arent better, it just makes you look like a moron. also ive been playing 6 months and knew that taking the cover off the amp was a bad idea b4 i even got my bass, since its there to stop you from drunkenly kicking it in as the cover absorbs the damage. DUMBASSS!!!
    If you are just learning how to play bass, PLEASE ignore this article completely! Everything in it is ridiculously wrong!
    i thought bass sounded best clean!! does a processor really help?
    good article, but only certain squiers are cheap replicas of fender. i have a 1983 squier precision bass japanese vintage, i asked many poeple about it and did my homework. my squier is pretty much a fender with just the name changed. i have a 20 watt peavey microbass- people, do not get this amp it sucks, im serious i shouldve thought about what amp i buying before i bought it. it totally sucks. digitech is wicked, i have a bass pedal it is wicked. distortion on a bass is awesome sounding.
    and also why the *** do u have an effects for basses i know no one that use them for any thing other than pissing around uhh you dont #### man, look at cliff burton, he was one of the best bassists in the world and he used the distortion & wah and many more effects on his bass, look at flea, he is one of the best bassists and he uses the wah effect. so shut the hell up buddy,
    this article is somewhat good but it duz suck qiute a bit. squier cheap?? epiphone cheap? ibanez cheap? please buddy u suck, squier's are wicked, epiphones are wicked and ibanez is wicked. I've had a 1997 squier affinity p-bass- it was awesome, i had a 2000 epiphone eb-03 bass- it was awesome and i have a 1983 squier precision bass japanese vintage
    OOO..h... Now, I'm not one to insult anybody just because they didn't write the most perfect article ever, but please, I BEG you, before even considering submitting, get your facts right! I play bass myself, and although I haven't been playing long, I am fully aware that the stuff in that article should not be accepted by anyone anywhere. Think! Are you trying to discourage people from music?? I suggest you go and be smited. Shame.
    Rhoads wrote: My God your an idiot.....saying Ibanez is an all-around cheap company, they make some of the BEST gear. Why do you think Vai and Satch use Ibanez guitars.
    true... i own the ibanez gsr200 and it never failed me and is one of the best sounding i have played with so far... as far as the article goes... it sucks.
    Damn happy... Your english is painfully hard to try to understand at times
    yer i banez is a cheap comny right yer so explain why i tried out to ibanez basses witch cost over 700 poundsand of course fenders blow after 2 years i mena ive had mine for almoust 4 years and had no problems. and also why the *** do u have an effects for basses i know no one that use them for any thing other than pissing around. dude this artical sucks its like what a dickhead who plays a picalo but thought it was a bass would write. did u like actually do any reserch ask other people about there experiances with basses or anything like that?
    no, no, no this is all wrong. you are an idiot and should be ashamed of yourself.
    I dont even play a bass and i laughed when i read it ... sorry but its all wrong.
    Geldof the Grey
    3rd. That was really not good. If any bassists are looking at that and thinking, "my god, that was terrible", then please go to the columns forum and tell us what you could bring to a set of bass articles for the ultimate guide to guitar. See you there
    About the fender bass amps. A bassist friend of mine has a standard, beginner bass-amp which he bought about 10 years ago. He's lend it to his cousin now and it's still going strong
    this is a guide? i'm sorry, but this could have been way better. maybe we should get someone on it, Geldof...
    what is the bass making a comeback from????? bass never sank away! this kid needs to think things through a little more...
    what a fool, next time u write an article make sure u knw wht ur talking bout. I would never recommend an effect pedal for bass, have you ever played a warwick thumb, well it has an incredible woody sound no other bass can beat, using an effect pedal with tht bass would b just stupid
    My God your an idiot.....saying Ibanez is an all-around cheap company, they make some of the BEST gear. Why do you think Vai and Satch use Ibanez guitars.
    Man your nuts. Bronco basses are nothing like a full p bass, and I dont know why u would think more pickups is better. You didnt even say anything of worth, so sont waste peoples time. This isnt a guide, so dont call it one.
    Many of the gratest bassist of all times play with their fingers....Cliff Burton and many others didn't use picks...I think playin Bass is great and thanks for the advise!!!!
    more pickups arent better stupid. fenders dont blow after 2 years or else they would have adressed the problem by now. stupid. ibanez is not an all round cheap company stupid. i mean steve vai uses them and if he can afford a million gibson les pauls do you think he would but a crappy cheap guitar? no stupid
    i agree with him on the washburns...i have one thats been'ahem'ductaped..and it still works decently..but i suck so maybe im wrong. but i do know that fender amps kick ass. you could buy a 1960's fender twin today and you would be getting an amp that sounds better than almost any full size amp that is a current model
    ummmmm im a bassist and there are other good brands too buddy, I myself play a washburn bass, now thats a good sounding bass.....
    Wow, you must be a comedian, I couldn't stop laughing... What the hell were you thinking... ...doubling the sound by removing the protective grid... I hope someone kicks into your 'doubled' bass amp, then you will know the purpose of a protective grid... And removing it won't increase the volume...
    i thought the article was ok, i didnt really get anything out of it tho...i play bass and this wasnt all true...gets ur facts straight b4 u submit...nice try anyways tho
    hmmm, maybe mi bassist can write a better article, not that he sucks, not that u suck either, not that anybody sux, but this article is totally useless, honestly
    Yeah...Not very informative. But just my little add-on, Peavey amps are ownage.
    If I could've got anything out of that I would say it was something like keep an open mind, either that or i'm just lookin too hard for something good in a bad article
    Ok. I'll straighten this out. Ibanez has good starter basses, for those who would like to pick up bass. Try to stay away from epiphone and gibson. Fender and squier are good. P-basses and bronco basses are not the same, the writer probably thought so because they both have one pickup. While its true that having 2 pickups can give you a greater variety of sounds, it doesnt make them better. You might like the sound of a single pickup. Peavey, Ampeg, Acoustic, and Fender amps are all good. Behringers are bad, stay away. They are built cheapily and have misleading advertisement. 15-30 watts is a good amount of power for a new bassest. Do Not remove the grid on the front of your amp, it wont do anything. Dont worry about pedals. They are for experienced bassests who are looking for a specialized tone from their bass. Dont bother spreading the word of the basses comeback, it never left. There. I think I've fixed this article. The majority of the things the other people mentioned are correct as well.