The Guide To Throwing Your Guitar Around You

It tells you how to throw you're guitar around you like hardcore bands do.

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I've seen some people around here asking how to throw their guitar around their body. After 4 days of brushburn, a destroyed tuner, pack of strings, and an assload of duct-tape, i finnally figured out how to do it. This is mainly for hardcore bands, but ive seen Ywngie do it.

Duct-tape, Duct-tape, Duct-tape!

A three dollar roll of ductape could save your $500 Ibanez! Use it! Put a ****load of it on each strap button. If you dont, your guitar will fly off. (i garuntee you!) Or if you are one of those lucky-asses that get straplocks with your fender, those work jsut as good, and look more professional.

Practie, Practice, Practice!

Some say practice makes perfect, but i say only perfect practice makes perfect. If you practice but dont even give a damn, you wont get anywhere.

For Once, Dont Think!

Its like sex, if you think about what is going to happen after it, then your ****ed. Just throw it around you. If you do think, then youll get paranoid and try to keep holding your guitar, and itll make you look like a jackass. Dont think, just throw!

Wear Protection!

If you play paintball, you may have bought a neckguard when you were a noob. Thatll work great. But if no, wear a collared shirt, and (god forbid!) pop the collar up and button the top button. If you dont own a collared shirt, then put a duct tape on the left side of your neck/top shoulder, or if your left handed, on the right side of your neck/top shoulder. You dont really have to do this, but you will regret it the next morning.

Up Or Down?

Personally, i like to throw it up, because its alot easier and you have more control. But in my opinon, throwing it behind you is more impressive. But if you dont throw it harder enough behind you, it will fall and hit your head. It doesnt feel good. It still doesnt feel good.

Look Around You!

If you're doing it inside, then make sure that there is nothing in your way. May it be a lamp, chair, les paul, jimmy page, or a tv. All ways make sure! If youre doing it outside, then make sure there arent any trees or rabbits by you, and make sure nobody is looking so you dont make an ass out of yourself.


If you have a backup guitar, use that until youre positive that you have the throwing down! I cant stress this enough. Would you rather have your Gibson With a broken tuner, or your almighty wal-mart guitar with a snapped neck? its basicly common sense, but people are stupid. Even with all these things ive just told you,


To be honest with you, it would be a stupid move to do this without wireless. Ive done this at my one and only gig, and it was with a cable, and i was lucky i didnt mess up the whole sone. I would advise you to do this only during a gig with wireless, but its all up to you, you can still mess up. Thats it, hope i helped.

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    Not sure how much this helped... but it's still a good read and if i ever start throwing my instruments around I'll know where to start.
    It was a big Warrant / Britney Fox / Poison move in the 80s probably Winger too but Cobain killed all that.
    i saw omar rodriguez do this once. he threw it half way around his back, did a little salsa jig, and then flung it the rest of the way and kept playing. (it was effing awesome). this is a funny post, but the main problem is that there is no real instruction for how to do it. it lays out all the ground rules and how to set up and then delivers absolute piss.
    nothing really interesting.... u just need to practice.. u dont give specific pointers o anything... too bad.. cyaz!
    Juicy(J) wrote: JMack wrote: There are too many spelling and grammar issues you need to work out. This isn't instant messenger, so speak intelligently. How tight is your ass?
    lmao. its a good read. I saw matt bellamy from muse do ths once in the first song at a gig and he ****ed his mouth up real bad...went off stage etc..looked painful..but i dont wanna put a dampner on the euphoric guitar throwing mood...good luck?
    JMack wrote: There are too many spelling and grammar issues you need to work out. This isn't instant messenger, so speak intelligently.
    How tight is your ass?
    You can do it like some of the other hardcore bands and just hold on to the guitar and swing around in a circle, that way you guarantee that you don't **** up guitar, cuz that sux major asssss!
    yeah i can do it up but im never going to try and do it backwards i almost knocked myself out trying to do it backwards
    Wauw, i already saw somebody do this but i am to afraid ! maybe i break it (A)(A) but never the less i'll try it,,, maybe cool article do.
    oh, and in regards to the cable ive done it with a cable...but if you're worried about choking yourself...carefuly pass the guitar around you in reverse of the way you are going to throw it, then dont move untill you throw it...
    ive done this before, and all you worry warts, its not that hard(as long as you have some way to make shure you guitar's not going any where without a strap), and make shure you throw it hard enough...if i had a working camera id do the video deal and post it...but im lazy and i dunno where the camera is so you're out of luck...oh, bit of advice watch out for cellings (hit that once or twice, but didnt do anything to the guitar)...cheers and dont hurt yourself!
    hahahaha. thts f***ing hilarious. i would try it, but knowing my retarded self, I would f*** up my guitar so bad, and probably kill someone.
    guardo alfonzo
    this is quite possibly the most informative thing i've ever read on this web site. Not really but this article gave me a chuckle.
    although most people would think this is a simple procedure, obvious tips like using a backup guitar, are ones that most forget. it was a good little piece about it. im sure millions of guitar players want to do this, so it's about time someone wrote it.
    whooooo (for now on if u want to cyber streak a thread just type "WHOOOOO" and itll be like ur streaking a crowd)
    I dont think I could bring myself to put duct tape on my guitars i guess im one of the lucky ones with the strap locks, they're a good investment. But it sounds like your practice payed off i like the originality
    my guitar sits where slash/zakk wylde play theirs, like at the waist. i've never been able to do this. does it have to be at a certain height relative to your body?
    kaplac wrote: Hm, I imagine many concussions following this article.
    Count 1 here! Ok im exadurating. Anyway, good article. Ill rather do this than that wierd thing that fall out boy does.
    The article is so right when it says no to think. If u do u wont do it. And def. use an already messed up guitar. I was fortunate enough to find one at goodwill for $25, it was a good investment cuz now i can throw my guitar effortlessly. And I agree somewhat with the guy who said to learn how to play ur guitar instead of throwing it around. But, if ur playing a live show, this is a great crowd-pleaser.
    Brain Eater
    slashs_snakepit wrote: ugh.. i think the only ppl who destroy their lovely gtrs r those who don respect it..
    Speaking of looking like a jackass... Apparently you've never heard of Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, and countless others who were famous for doing just that.
    dont use cheap straps, i did it and my guitar didnt come off the strap but the strap snapped, i was lucky it landed in a bush and didnt bust up
    i reccomend the dimarzio straps that you screw right into the guitar. you don't even need strap locks for those, because like i said the strap screws right into the guitar. i learned how to throw an SG both ways and have not dropped it or even come close to. but given throwing an SG backwards is ridiculous because it's so top heavy. but the dimarzio strap does wonders for a whirligig like this.
    this isn't really as haard as he makes it out to be. it took me all of twenty minutes to get it down. its a little more challenging to do it while playin, but still pretty easy. his best advise is the neck protection. it can really kill if you dont have any. i recomend duct taping the side of the strap, but its still not painless. to all those losers who think its stupid, ur retarded or uve tried nd cant do it. wats rong with learning a bit of a flare to use on stage, or just to impress? saying its only for people who r rich spoiled brats is ignorant. i bought my guitars nd do it all the time. i learned with my old guitar, and have never dropped a guitar doing it. its really fun nd it looks amazin. i think anyone should do it, just as long as u no there may be a risk, but its too fun to pass up in my opinion
    yeah, this is ****ing stupid. I do think showmanship is key if you're on stage, but throwing your guitar has too many risk factors. Braking my guitar is reason enough for me not to try this. The only people that throw there guitars around their necks are people that can aford to buy a new guitar, which I'm sure the large majority of these people are spoiled rich kids who's mommies, and daddies buy them what ever they want. I busted my ass to buy all my guitars and equipment, it pisses me off when people are so reckless with there shit. so instead of you spoiled brats and emo ****s trying to look cool throwing your guitars, why not try playing with a little bit of skill
    ya id be an idiot and do that in our practice spot with our band... the ceiling is 6 and a half in the highest 6 feet tall...and in the other spot my head almost hits, i cant even count the number of times ive hit the ceiling with my guitar taking it off to help with the mixer or talk with the drummer about his parts
    If you dont own a collared shirt, then put a duct tape on the left side of your neck
    hahahahahahahaha just sounds funny and looks funny too.
    There are too many spelling and grammar issues you need to work out. This isn't instant messenger, so speak intelligently.
    Theres a good picture of the guitarist from Saetia throwing his guitar on Wikipedia. Just look for one of the "guitar tricks" pages.
    You can buy strap locks for about 10 (around $17 i think). They look a hell of a lot less tacky than duct tape.
    if you guys dont realise how impressive this is, just go and see story of the year live.....immense!
    "how do you get wireless?" rip all of your blood vessels out, no wires!