The New Myspace

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The New Myspace
So Myspace is back. And this time it has been redesigned by Justin Timberlake with one main focus: music. Don't worry, there is still a social aspect and "Myspace Tom" still has a profile with the same iconic display picture. They have a really smart profile design which is very... Horizontal. It sort of feels like a cross between a Windows 8 app, Spotify and the best parts of the old Myspace. No more HTML coding for users - the extent of your customisation is now a profile song and cover photo. Along the bottom of the New Myspace lies your equivalent of the blue notification bar on Facebook. However, on Myspace most of the bar is taken up by your media player. You can queue songs, play whole albums, play other user's mixes (which Myspace encourages you to create) and stream radio stations based on artists. All very Spotify. This bar also hosts a chat function and a search function - as well as notifications and a link back to your profile page. Myspace no longer has a friends list - it is more like Google+ circles in that you can connect with users, artists, songs, pictures etc. And other users can connect with your content. If two users connect with each other, the connection is shown as complete as opposed to just one sided. This means that any content you share can be seen by those who connect with you (unless you have a public profile). The content which shares on your profile is your recent connections, songs you've played, photos you've uploaded and any statuses you have shared. The 'Artist Page' keeps a similar music player to the old Myspace, but now features the artist's top fans, similar artists and influences on the main page. This brings Myspace back to its roots of discovering new music (especially on a local level). The side bar also gives a bio of the band and an overview of members, genres etc. Like with Spotify and LastFM, there is also the option on each artist page to start a radio station based on the artist. The search function works well in that as you start typing it will give you a list of all related artists, songs, albums, people etc. The site also has a browse function for discovering new connections - including normal users. At the moment the site is invite only - but I do highly recommend seeking an invite or going to and registering your interest for an invite. If you liked the music aspect of the old Myspace but got sick of the massive social scene which eroded it, this is definitely worth a try.
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