The Zen of Guitar Repair

The proper care and feeding of your guitar.

Ultimate Guitar
Being a busy repair guy in a busy shop, I get asked for my opinion on an enormous number of topics. Can a tambourine be tuned? No. Was Tracy Partridge the most underrated musician of her time? Yes.

By far the greatest number of questions I get asked, however, regards basic guitar maintenance, storage, and cleaning. I'll answer these questions here for the good people of UG of course, but I also want to explain how these are never standardized procedures, but rather solutions created organically through the ideals and practices of the Zen of guitar repair. By applying simple principles and practicing a healthy logic driven attitude, the solutions present themselves.

Maintaining a guitar is as easy as not maintaining a guitar, only cheaper. Exercise as rational a judgment as you can when handling the guitar. It's not to be used for any purpose other than guitaring. Don't let it be a victim of your dangerous life. If you're not using it, put it away if you can. Guitar stands are the #1 cause of guitar stand related accidents, so make it a point to not store your guitar on a stand. It's not cool to have people over and try to force your coolness on them. Put it away buddy, nobody wants to see that. Quit leaning it up against stuff it could fall off of. Falling is the leading cause of damage to all guitars that get damaged or destroyed in an incident involving a fall. Think about that.

Setups are not maintenance but you do need to tweak your truss rod at least once a year, and if you don't know exactly what that is or how to do it, then you should get a setup every year.

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    Guitar stands? I mean I have a three guitar stand... is pretty steady, I don't see what could be the problem there? Or are you talking only about single guitar stands and the chances of the guitar falling from them?