Top 10 Things That Rocked in 2014

The title says it all!

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The year 2014, if you ignore Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons, was pretty rockin'. Here are some of the coolest things to happen over these last 12 months.

1. Tom Petty, Weird Al Yankovic get their first No. 1 albums ever

Yep, with a total of over 70 years in the music business between them, Tom Petty and Weird Al both managed to score the top spot on the charts this year (at different times, they weren't tied).

2. Nirvana inducted into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, in first eligible year

Yes I know, you all hate the Rock Hall, but at least this proves they have some good taste.

3. David Bowie releases new music for the third time in under two years

Sure, it's just a couple songs, but at least we didn't have to wait 11 years for it!

4. Zakk Wylde says yes to Pantera reunion

Now we just hope the actual surviving members will agree.

5. One Direction have an expiration date

Two more albums and a couple tours, according to Simon Cowell.

6. Tremonti complete work on new album

Yes, this should be coming soon.

7. Metallica become first band to perform on all 7 continents

The band rocked Antarctica a few months back!

8. Paul McCartney says he is never retiring

The title says it all.

9. Axl Rose responds to death hoax with hilarious comment

"If I'm dead, do I still have to pay taxes?" - he twitted.

10. Scorpions, The Who announce 50th Anniversary tours

All we know about this - it should be awesome!

That's all folks!

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    Weird Al's Word Crimes is genius, both the video and the song.
    Who cares if One Direction are retiring? They'll just be replaced by someone even worse.