Top 10 Things That Sucked in 2014

A guide to all the things that you wanted to forget about the last year.

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2014 was an okay year, but let's not forget all the bad stuff.

Here's a guide to all the things that you wanted to forget about the last year.

1. Malcolm Young leaves AC/DC

Due to dementia, AC/DC's iconic rhythm guitarist was forced to quit the band a few years ago, but we're only learning about it now. The band doesn't sound the same without him.

2. Pink Floyd get beaten by Take That for most pre-ordered album ever on Amazon

Apart from beating Pink Floyd, Take That and its members' solo projects apparently took up half the top ten all-time pre-ordered list.

3. Jack Bruce dies

The legendary bass player and singer, a member of Cream, Ringo Starr's All Star Band, Robin Trower and more, passed away October 25th. He was 71.

4. Taylor Swift accidentally releases white noise, it sells like crazy

Just goes to show the sad state of the music industry...

5. Black Sabbath announce retirement

They'll release one last album, do one final tour and then call it quits.

6. Crazy Town are back

Yeah, that band nobody liked because they ripped off Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now they're coming back with a new song.

7. U2 release free album, plan hilariously backfires

The band's latest offering was free and automatically downloaded to every iTunes user's device. Apparently iTunes listeners don't like U2.

8. Richie Sambora leaves Bon Jovi

One of the most underrated guitarists ever, got kicked out, because Jon Bon Jovi didn't want to pay him his rightly earned cut of tour money.

9. Ted Nugent

No comment.

10. Scott Stapp

Please see previous comment.

That's all folks! It can only get better from here!

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    Feel sorry for Scott Stapp. The guy clearly has mental issues which really shouldn't be mocked.
    is not being mocked, its a list of worst things of 2014, his mental breakdown is a sad thing, no matter if we like creed or not.
    Ste Ramakers
    Usually the media mocks mental illness up until they commit suicide. Then they switch to the good guys suddenly, praise strength and preach for education on mental illness.
    I really don't see the problem wit Take That being more preordered than Pink Floyd. I prefer Pink Floyd by a mile but I'm not particularly invested in who gets preordered more. Also, it's "its", not "its'"...
    I'm a part time DJ. You might not like Taylor Swift but her songs have tempo, are pleasant sounding (no cringe worthy ear piercing sounds) and it's good at parties. Everyone wants to hate her but I don't see many other artists putting out albums that are both radio and party friendly. She's not singing about big asses or ludicrous sexual acts. Of course her music sells, not many decent pop singers these days. Her contemporaries Iggy Azalea and Ariana are amateurs in comparison
    I didn't say I didn't like Taylor Swift I just said it sucks that white noise sells like hotcakes (not referring to her behind)
    I agree, there's much worse out there than T.Swizzle, and people say she writes the same song over and over...ACDC anyone? I'm not saying ACDC is bad by any means, their stuff is jsut a bit repetitive.
    I thought the U2 album seemed pretty good although I've yet to listen to it in full. This song is beautiful anyway
    The world's Guiness record for the tallest object on the planet being replaced by Geoff Tate's ego. But overall, maybe it's just me but I think most of 2014 sucked besides some great albums and tours.
    I'm not quite sure that Richie left bon jovi because of money issues. I heard that he just needed time for himself, his solo career, & spend some time with his family.. But i might be wrong.
    I thought the money part was what all started the whole thing, but I never did read much into it.
    You know what sucks more than Malcolm Young leaving ACDC? The fact that ACDC is still churning out cookie cutter stadium rock. Say what you want, they need to pack it in. They're not releasing anything more than shallow, masturbatory self-gratification records for the sake of themselves and their 40 year old fans and they haven't for years.
    They do what they like : playin' rock'n'roll. They're not trying to make history once again. No one forces you to see them live & buy their new stuff, so what's wrong ?
    It would be one thing to keep it to themselves and whoever wants to hear it, but it's jammed in to everything I go to. Every sports game, every commercial, hell the entire Iron Man soundtrack was ACDC. If I could avoid it, I'd be happy, but I can't.
    I'm sorry for you. But i'm quite happy that there are still bands like them that are trying to keep pure & raw rock'n'roll alive in this world where shitty music is growing faster than light. :/
    "trying to keep pure & raw rock'n'roll alive in this world where shitty music is growing faster than light" might legitimately be the most "dad" thing I have ever read.
    Nothing wrong with a bit of Dad Rock! AC/DC have stuck to their guns and so be it. Good for them, they enjoy it obviously as do others. Why shit on their parade just because you don't like it? I think we should complain more about the music they play in McDonalds.. have you heard that crap? They literally write the most basic and cheesy backing, and then have someone who can't sing at all whine ontop. I don't mean just that they need auto-tune.. I mean literally, they sound like they're talking into the microphone with 0 confidence.
    So AC/DC can write incredibly formulaic music with extremely vapid lyrics, but when artists of other genres do it it's shitty music? Keeping a genre of music alive by releasing the same album every few years is nothing more than life support for a group of people afraid of change.
    Fleur de Lys
    If AC/DC doesn't sound the same without Malcolm, isn't that a good thing? That's exactly what everybody always criticises them for.
    I think they usually mean that they'd like to see the band turn some corners musically--different subject matter, different tunings, styles, sounds, etc. That's what I would like to see. There was a time when AC/DC was sort of fun...and then Bon Scott died.
    Defiantly my favourite song by taylor swift... Pop stars should do that more often
    Guess I wouldn't call Malcolm Young "iconic" by any means. Angus, maybe. "The band doesn't sound the same without him." Uh, yeah, dude. It does. It really does. That's why I take such issue with calling him "iconic", because his whole body of work can be easily picked up and/or emulated by just about anyone. When Stevie filled in for Malcolm back in the late 80's, most of their fans didn't even know Malcolm was missing. "Iconic" indeed.
    Breadfan, you're a bit clueless about guitar there, mate.
    Not so much. My expectations of what an "icon" should be are obviously significantly higher than most others'. I've got nothing personal against the guy, but just because a band sells a ton of records doesn't mean the people in it are icons. The guy plays the simplest of beginner blues-rock guitar for 40+ years and I should worship him? Bah. Simple Plan played boring guitar and sold a lot of records too, but I'll not soon be throwing them a parade either. Clueless? No, "mate". I'm certainly stubborn, disgusted, and sick to death of the word "icon" being tossed onto any wanker that was in a band with a name. I've been playing guitar for 16 years, I'm not some 12-year-old that just heard of Nirvana last week. You've got no idea of what skills or education I do or don't have on the instrument, so let's not toss the word "clueless" around so carelessly either.
    Sleaze Disease
    It actually doesn't.
    No? The chord structure isn't the same? Amp tones aren't the same? The tempos aren't the same? Lyrics aren't the same? Vocal delivery isn't the same? You're telling me that after some 40+ years of playing, sounding, and doing everything the SAME, that THIS is the one? THIS is the record that sounds different? Bitch, please. And you can downvote this stuff all you want; what you're disliking is just documented evidence from 1988 when Malcolm went into rehab. Stevie replaced him and most people didn't even know until after it was done. Do you know any other "icons" that can be replaced by Tim from Accounting without the vast majority of their fans noticing?
    To be fair... the Endless River is not a pink Floyd album, Still sucks that it got beaten by Take That.