Tuning To Alternatives In Rocksmith

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Tuning To Alternatives In Rocksmith
1) Basic's 2) Tuning with a standard guitar 3) Tuning with a locking guitar 4) List of tunings 5) Extra 1) The basics. This is how the system works. See No.4 for a list of tunings. First of all, pick a tuning because this is important. If the tuning had a drop d form pick drop d e.g. (cgcfad), or a regular form pick e standard e.g. (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb). Now, depending of if it's a half or whole note tune up or down (- or + 10 for a half note or - or + 20 fore a whole note). To that. That's all you really need to know. One more thing, is you tune from e standard to a drop d form tuning like Drop C#, you just add them together, so you would go -30 below 0. THE LAST THING. THIS WILL SAVE YOU 20 MINUTES SO READ THIS. If you don't have a whammy press down on the string around the tuning pegs off the fretboard, just like bending an open note till it lets you move onto the next string. If you have a whammy, just whammy up or down till it hits zero. 2) Nothing special here. Anything in No.1 applies here. Just follow directions in 1. 3) This is a bit more frustrating because of the locks. IF YOU DON'T MIND UNDOING YOUR LOCKS FREQUENTLY DON'T READ ALL OF THIS SECTION, JUST WHAT'S IN CAPS. Alright, if you aren't tuning below a d, you wont have a problem. However, if you want to tune to drop c# etc., without undoing your locks, reset them. To reset them, you will have to undo your locks at least once. So undo your locks, loosen your strings (just enough, don't make it loose enough to play bass notes.) and tighten your bridge tuners (or whatever they're called, the things that tune the guitar at the bridge/whammy section) all the way, or whatever your comfy with, but should be as low as you feel you can get them. Now tune these low strings with the actual tuning pegs to e standard (or D if you NEVER play in e standard. At this point, your guitar should be tuned, with the locks still open, and the whammy/bridge knob as low as you can get/want them. NOW WHEN YOU TUNE THE GUITAR, TUNE ONE BELOW ZERO. THIS ALLOWS YOU TO TIGHTEN THE LOCKS AND THE TUNING WILL BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE. Now when you tune (depending on your guitar) you can get a low as C without undoing your locks, just by tuning the pegs on the bridge/whammy section. IF YOU ARE TUNING TO A HIGHER NOTE, DO THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING IN THIS PARAGRAPH. 4) Eb Tuning (EbAbDbGbBbEb) - Start with e standard and tune down to -10 on each string. ------ Drop C# Tuning (C#G#C#F#A#D#) - Start with either tuning, tune -30 on the low e, or -10 below 0 if you chose drop d, and -10 on the rest of the strings ------ Drop C Tuning (CGCFAD) - Start with either tuning, tune down - 40 on the low e string, or -20 below zero after tuning to drop d, and -20 on the rest of the strings. ------ 5) Extras If you want another tuning, comment and I'll do my best to tune this. If you need help, comment and I'll do my best to try and help you. For anything else, comment and I'll do my best.
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