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The do's and dont's of commenting anywhere, basic ethics, and how to sound proper on the internet.

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Are you sick and tired of the 13-year old vocabulary? How about fanboys and fangirls that think their band is the best in the world, no matter what others' say? Or maybe you just want to brush up on some do's and don't's on commenting and posting on sites such as YouTube and Ultimate Guitar? Here are some really general and basic rules to keep you from getting those +20 downvotes or dislikes.

1. Don't act like a 13 year old

Calling someone 13 is an insult because of this very reason. If you get butthurt over every little comment that might offend you a bit, then you'll end up overreacting and you'll look like more of a child. Don't reply with vocabulary like "you suck" or "your momma didn't think I was 13," because it proves that you don't belong in the comments. Even if you aren't 13, you can still sound like one, so be careful.

2. Don't rely on swear words

F*cking B**ches these days just don't F***ing understand that swearing ISN'T COOL! Swearing can help bring emotion across, but don't rely on swear words. Flipping someone off just proves that you have nothing better to say. It's really pathetic to the eyes of others. Constant swearing and profanities will get you downvotes no matter what.

3. Don't mix up opinion and fact!

This is one of the MOST overlooked mistake that people make when commenting. Opinion is something you have, and may not share with everyone else. Fact is something that no matter what will never change, no matter what your opinion is. Let's do a fact or opinion exercise. The band Queen has a well known song by the name of "Bohemian Rhapsody": Fact "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the best song in the world: Opinion This article is really good: Opinion So don't start yelling at each other if someone says that they don't like Guns N' Roses, and don't go around saying that other bands are bad - Rather, say that you don't like their music instead.

4. Don't reply to the top comment just to have your comment on top

This is the EASIEST way to get downvotes. It's fine to reply to a comment if you have something to say about it, but if it's not even close to being related, it gets annoying and shows that you're an attention seeker. Let your ego slip and have the bottom comment, because everyone has it at one point.

5. Don't blatantly insult others!

"You're a f*gg*t" and other insults can actually damage a person's emotional state of mind. You don't want to be the cause of someone's depression or suicide, right? Alright it won't go that far, but still, it's just ignorant and stupid to insult others out of the blue, especially if its something noted above (such as someone liking a certain band, or having their own opinion). Insults are something you'd say online but not in person. If you can't say it to my face, don't say it to my Facebook, right? Well, in this case, don't reply to my comment with hate. Also, trolling is only fun for the troller, so if you like trolling, know that you're doing it for yourself and that everyone else is getting sick and tired of you're stupid jokes. Unless it's a really good troll, then by all means, go for it. Use your discretion wisely, though. That's about it, I hope you all have either learned something new or have refreshed your memory of general ethics online.

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    first mother****ing post you assh*le! Slayer sucks and Bohemian Rhapsody IS the best song in the world! also yo momma is 13! On a serious note, this article does show what it takes to be a normal commenter on a normal forum. sadly this is UG, and there will be trolls.
    ha i commented on first post! I finished your list!
    If I reply to the second comment rather than the first comment, it means I get the third post on the page, and therefore more upvotes. Schoolboy error link no1.
    Haha. 2nd comment got more upvotes, Johnny. But really, we need more people to read articles like this and follow the ethics of it. I admit I've failed many times. But I hope I've learned from my failures.
    pfft these rules are incorrect.... I got a gold metal breaking all of them... brb off to the news section!
    "You're a f*gg*t" and other insults can actually damage a person's emotional state of mind. You don't want to be the cause of someone's depression or suicide, right? Dude, you are a pretentious ass-hat.
    It's going to be impossible to spot trolls on this, as everyone will just think they're joking
    I see people get 20+ downvotes all the time who are posting good, intelligent comments.
    "So don't start yelling at each other if someone says that they don't like Guns N' Roses, and don't go around saying that other bands are bad - Rather, say that you don't like their music instead. " I wish more people would do the bolded part.
    But what if a band is objectively awful? I mean, I try to avoid saying bands I don't like are bad, but sometimes a band is just actually terrible, but in that case evidence should be provided.
    No music can be objectively awful. Although I'm not sure if you were being facetious with that one.
    I think it's just sad that we need an article on web ethics to begin with haha
    How I wish I was born in the 80's. There is absolutely no good music anymore today and I must be the only 14 year old who listens to REAL bands. I'm sorry for what my generation has done to music.
    Actually, there is still a ton of great music that is being released today, it just isn't at the top of the charts. You should go get a free Spotify account, I'm sure you'll find something you like.
    i dislike the elitist comments people make. i say something about some metal band and because im a metalhead im an elitist. unfortunately everyone falls into this category because most believe that their interests and views are the only ones that make sense and deserve recognition. The elitist comment would fall under number 1 i believe.
    While I agree their are elitist musicians everywhere you go that their favorite band is the glory hole of all bands. Just because your a metalhead doesn't mean you're an elitist just have a preference to metal. As long as your not a dick about your preferences you're not an elitist.
    **** *** ***** ***** GNR SUX **** *** ***** Do i get downvotes nao?!
    On the other hand, if you are on the internet and actually care about being downvoted, you're probably thirteen anyway. Partly a joke, but i really think so. Never met a person who cared about thumbs up/down on youtube. Sounds rather sad.
    We should downvote this guy just to see if he really doesn't care about downvotes. }: )
    It's funny how a guy is trying to educate us on proper posting etiquette for a website on which he has made only two forum posts. I mean, if this was some well known and at least somewhat respected user with plenty of experience on this site, that would be one thing, but...
    People don't know how to live on a daily basis. It's me, myself and I. So a bunch of kid hiding behind their computers aren't gonna get educated.