Video Guitar Lessons: How It Works

Learning the guitar through the use of video offers significant benefits over traditional books and written learning materials. This articles talks about some of those benefits and also suggests place to find guitar lessons videos on the internet.

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There are many different ways to go about learning the guitar, more so today than ever before. The advent of new technologies such as the internet has brought a tidal wave of new learning methods within reach of anybody wanting to learn to play the guitar. These include websites, downloadable guitar courses, interactive software, and video guitar lessons, alongside more traditional books and magazines. In this article I'll focus on video guitar lessons, and try to explain why they're one of the most effective methods of learning the guitar available today, as well as tell you what makes a good video guitar lesson, and where to find them. Not so long ago, if you were trying to teach yourself to play the guitar, your only option was to rely on books. Books can be a great resource, and you can learn a lot from them, but they have many limitations. They can be expensive and hard to find, and it's difficult to translate what's written in a book into actually playing something on the guitar. Today the internet, and high speed connections, has changed all that. Thanks to modern technology such as digital video cameras and powerful computer software, anybody can create high quality videos and post them to the internet, on sites such as YouTube, for all to see. There are millions of videos across the internet about almost any subject you can imagine. Learning guitar is one of them. As there are literally thousands of video guitar lessons on the internet it can be hard to know where to begin looking for the ones you want. There are several different options available to you at this point. Your best bet is simply to type video guitar lessons' into Google or another search engine. Amongst the results you are likely to see two or three different types of website. The first type is the generic video hosting site like YouTube. These sites can be a fantastic resource, and are completely free, although the quality of some of the guitar lessons on offer is not always that great. The second type of website is a dedicated guitar lesson website. These tend to have better quality guitar lessons but some require a membership fee to access them. The third type are sites that offer downloadable video courses, which can be a fantastic way to learn, working through a complete and well structured course. But with so many videos available, how do you know which ones are good or bad? Well, what you're looking for are videos which actually show, in detail, how to physically play something. A lot of videos, especially on YouTube, are just people showing off their skills. Whilst these videos may be entertaining to watch, they're not particularly helpful for learning, so watch out for those. The best videos are the real instructional videos, with close-ups, and multi angled cameras, showing both hands along with clear instructions from the player or teacher. These will be the most effective for learning from. So, we've dealt with what to look for and where to find them, but now let's look at some of the benefits and advantages of using video as a way of learning the guitar. Being able to see what somebody is doing, and copying them, is a far quicker way of learning something than having it explained to you. By being able to actually see where each finger goes, and what strings to play, you'll be able to learn things on the guitar much quicker than you otherwise would. Particularly with more difficult techniques, such as hammer-ons and pull-offs, string bending, vibrato, and tapping, having the ability to see exactly what your hands should be doing not only makes it easier and quicker to learn them, but it also ensures you don't learn improper technique, or develop bad habits that might hinder your playing later on. It really is almost as good as having a private tutor. Plus you've got the ability to pause, rewind, and replay the videos as many times as you need, until you've got it. In my opinion, video guitar lessons are probably the best way to learn guitar if you can't afford, or don't want, private lessons. About The Author: Chris Lake is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher and writes articles for several online publications. If you'd like some more great advice and tips about learning the guitar please visit his website:

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    "In my opinion, video guitar lessons are probably the best way to learn guitar if you cant afford, or dont want, private lessons." I agree with this, only you should only pick 1 online/video teacher and stick with him. I've seen people following lessons with Marty schwartz and Justin Sandercoe and getting confused because they both teach in different way. so that is a warning sign too. Also online it's a lot easier to just stop for a couple of weeks, and it really takes a lot of disipline. If you have a private teacher you kind of HAVE to do that homework, otherwise you make a fool out of yourself at the next practice evening. That's the only downside of online lessons. Other than that, it's great
    Yeah, it's like when you go to university, you have to be mature and responsible for yourself otherwise you won't go anywhere.
    a one on one time with a teacher will probably be the best thing for a beginner to intermediate guitarist.
    Nothing can replace a great real-life teacher, but some people don't have that option. Where I grew up I didn't know of a single soul who played guitar, much less taught it, and back then (pre-internet) the best I could hope for was an occasional guitar mag from the local 7/11. Other than that, learning by ear was all I had. I would've killed to have had the internet back then! But even with video, it's the same as real life: if you have a hard time learning from, or understanding, a teacher in a vid, it may be because they're just not a very good teacher. Try to find one that explains everything very thoroughly in a way that makes sense to you, and learn everything they have available.
    I just recently signed up for a quarterly membership to and it's working out very well. I consider myself a pro-level guitarist, but of course can always improve in the virtuoso stuff like sweep and economy picking, and my music theory is pretty weak. So far I really like what I'm getting out of it. Also, paying $50 (instead of just getting random free samples of lessons online or reading text) makes it easier to sit down, because hey I'm paying for it. Because if I'm not noticeably better by the end of this membership. I would never take guitar lessons in person. If money wasn't on option, sure, but I would recommend Jamplay to a beginner to save some money. I'm sure if I had this from the beginning I'd be a lot better.
    Because if Im not noticeably better by the end of this membership, my money could be seen as having gone to waste.** Now maybe that makes sense.