Want To Move Closer To The Success You Want?

Do you want to play guitar like you have always wanted? Do you want to tour around the world? Or maybe you want to release a record that will reach platinum and will make you successful worldwide?

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Do you want to play guitar like you have always wanted? Do you want to tour around the world? Or maybe you want to release a record that will reach platinum and will make you successful worldwide? If your answer for any of the questions above is yes, read on.
  • Be Positive In today's life, everybody is surrounded with worries, negativity and tension. Being a positive and motivated person not only boosts your guitar practice and overall musical development, but also positively influences your life in general. You should know that motivation and happiness are not the things that happen by accident. One can easily work towards success, fulfillment and be constantly positively driven despite temporary failures. If you compare two players with equal skills, the positive and motivated one will always be a step ahead.
  • Set Your Goals The passage from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there" is very relevant to practicing guitar. These words are very widely known but few people actually decide to take a consistent action towards obtaining their goals. Having your goals set saves you a lot of time, energy and effort. I have written a specific article on this topic, which is titled Choose Your Path to Success.
  • Enjoy the Process Once you have your goals set, it is time to take action to bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Having your goals written down enables you to see the whole picture of your guitar practicing and musicianship. Having clear and ambitious goals set, it is important to find pleasure and excitement in the process of working towards fulfilling them. You should keep in mind that you won't become a virtuoso guitarist overnight (if that is what you want), but you surely will if you stay motivated in the long term and enjoy the process of development.
  • Maintain the Motivation Taking a goal-oriented action will make you miles ahead of the clueless players. However, being on the right track to obtaining your desired outcomes is just a half of your path. The other important part is ability to maintain your motivation in order to achieve long-term success. Being able to benefit from your current emotions both positive and negative ones - is very valuable. There are also many more different factors that can and will make your path easier, faster and more effective. To find out more, read my series on guitar motivation.
  • The Worst Enemy on Your Path Paradoxically, your greatest and the only enemy during your development might be your own mind. It is very easy to overlook situations in which you slow down or even block further progress because of limitations and barriers you put on your own mind. It is your choice whether you train your mind to be your worst enemy or your greatest ally.
  • Everything Is Up to You The moment you realize that you are the only person responsible for your success or failure, everything will start going smoothly. Blaming others is probably the worst thing you can do for your general quality of life. As a result, it also strongly affects your motivation and the quality of your guitar practice. It is you who choose how to use your energy and resources. You can either give the power to negativity, or commit yourself to staying positive. If you are interested in the topic of mindset, motivation and dealing with stress, read more guitar articles on my website. Author: Neal Wakefield
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      James Scott
      Cool article. A lot of guitarists think their limits are in their fingers, whereas they are really in their head.
      All this stuff sounds simple, but I know very few people who are ACTUALLY doing it consistently. Great article!
      Nice article. Self doubts do more to hold people back than they realize. Thanks for sharing and Jam ON!
      Great information Neal, as simple as the concepts are, one must remind oneself to stay on track
      Aldo Chircop
      Thanks for this. Good reminder of the basic principles which we all can forget from time to time
      Thank you. This article was much needed at this point in my playing. Just confirmed some things I've felt for awhile. PERSEVERENCE. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to songwriting and guitar playing. If I come up with ideas, they're natural to me, and unexciting. What excites me are things I wouldnt have thought of. So I scrap idea after idea beginning of song after song, and many times, never let things develop. Escpecially songwriting. Again, thanks!
      lol lovins the chinese commercials Article was a nice 'reminder' for sure dude