What A New Guitarist Needs

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What A New Guitarist Needs
Hello, my name is mahomy aka mahomy1000 on YouTube. When you just start out, you are confused on what to get for your guitar, especially if you just went out and bought one at a pawn shop. Simple advice to you, everyone sucks at playing in the beginning.
  • Small Practice Amp Status: Need Unless you buy an acoustic (yes bass players, there are acoustic basses) you will need a amp. Btw, if you play bass, do not get a guitar amp! Get a bass amp.
  • Extra Case Status: Would Be A Good Idea An extra case is always a good idea, and if money's not a problem, spring for a hard case.
  • Guitar Stand Status: Would Be A Good Idea You won't need it, but if you want to display your ax, or if you don't like your guitar sitting in a case all the time, get a stand. Safer than hanging it on the wall, but if you have kids living at home, best keep it in the case.
  • Tuner Status: Need You will need a tuner, even if you are not serious about playing. But, tuning by ear is a skill that is also mandatory, but I recommend buying a tuner. Also, bassist you will need to get a tuner that can tune basses. A korg Ga-1 can tune basses and guitars, so that is useful, especially if you are in a band.
  • Riff Bandz Training System Status: Would Be A Good Idea This things will really help you shred fast notes and hammer ons! Practice with these, and you will learn to play your guitar faster. You can buy them online or at a Guitar Center, for around 10 bucks.
  • Picks Status: Need Let me tell you this now, if you play guitar, you need picks. Only guitarists that can play better than pros use their fingers. Bassites, it's fun to use picks, I know. But, playing with your fingers is a better idea.
  • Guitar Cords Status: Need An amp is a waste of money if you don't have a guitar cord.
  • Dunlop Formula 65 Polish And Cleaner Status: Need If you are in a band, or wish to play publicly, you will need this to clean your ax. Do not apply to the strings or the pick-ups, just use it to clean the body and neck.
  • A Second Guitar Status: Want If you love to play the guitar, chances are that you will have more than one. A second one is the one you save serious money for. It will be the one with 3 or more pick-ups, a bunch of knobs, and a shiny, beautiful body. Most likely to be the one you carry in a hard case.
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