Alestorm: Video For New Song ‘Alestorm’ Streaming

Scottish metal band Alestorm released the official music video for their new track "Alestorm".

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Scottish metal band Alestorm released the official music video for their new track "Alestorm".

The song is taken off their upcoming album "No Grave But The Sea", to be released on May 26th through Napalm Records.

Alesrorm made a statement (via Blabbermouth):

"Oh wow! It's a new Alestorm album! I hope all of you fellow humans and dogs like it; we think it's pretty gosh darn okay! It's also our first album to feature our grandiose guitarist Máté Bodor who brings his tasty and delicious solos and rifftacular riffing into the mix.
"This is the place in the press release where we would usually tell you this album is darker and heavier than our previous works, but that's probably not true. It is, however, full of epic songs about pirates, drinking, and pseudoscientific cryptogeography. I'm sure y'all will enjoy those things just as much as we do."

"Alestorm" video:

YouTube preview picture

"No Grave But The Sea" track listing:

  1. No Grave But The Sea
  2. Mexico
  3. To the End of the World
  4. Alestorm
  5. Bar und Imbiss
  6. Fucked with an Anchor
  7. Pegleg Potion
  8. Man the Pumps
  9. Rage of the Pentahook
  10. Treasure Island

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    I hope the screamy vocals aren't too prominent on this album. Christopher Bowes does the job fine, they don't need this other keyboardist screaming all the time. I don't think it added anything to this or the few songs he was on on Sunset of the Golden Age. Other than that, standard Alestorm. Good but not groundbreaking.