Blink-182 Release New Song 'Wildfire'

With little more than a week away from "California" deluxe edition release, the band debuted the new track, "Wildfire."

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Blink-182 Release New Song 'Wildfire'

Blink-182 will release their "California" deluxe edition on May 19th. And now, the band debuted the new track, "Wildfire."

Blink posted the new single with the caption, "Think of your favorite song from Enema of the State. Now think of your favorite song from California.

They then added, "Now imagine them falling in love and starting a family of their own. That's what this song is."

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    It's a bit presumptuous of them to assume what my favourite tracks from Enema and California were, isn't it? What if I chose Adam's Song and Home Is Such A Lonely Place? (I didn't but that's beside the point)