Deus Otiosus Premiere New Song 'Kneel'

Danish death metal band presented a new song from their upcoming album "Opposer."

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Danish death metal band presented a new song from their upcoming album "Opposer."


Musically the band can be described as classic death metal. Not that Deus Otiosus reproduce any overdone old school sound, but they strive for the same values that the made death metal pioneers great: unique identity, well-roundedness, and songwriting prowess.

Deus Otiosus or "idle god" is a theological concept used to describe a creator god who after creating the world has retired from it and is no longer involved in its daily happenings, refraining from interfering in the processes of nature and human affairs.

In a world where no god watches or guides, humankind is left to itself like orphaned children. And in this world, horror and cruelty of every unspeakable kind live and breathe. These horrors are echoed in the music of Deus Otiosus.

Current line-up:

  • Anders Bo Rasmussen - vocals
  • Henrik Engkjær - guitar
  • Peter Engkjær - guitar
  • Jesper Holst - bass
  • Jesper Olsen - drums

Their new album "Opposer" will be released on April, 30 via Great Dane Records.


  1. Kneel
  2. Disturbing The Dead
  3. Stand Your Ground
  4. Haunter
  5. Towering Flames
  6. The Opposer
  7. To The Graves
  8. Return To Slavery
  9. Greater Horror
  10. March Of The Unworthy

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