Johny Chow on Stone Sour’s New Album

Stone Sour bassist described the upcoming album “Hydrograd” as a "a straight rock and roll album".

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Stone Sour bassist described the upcoming album “Hydrograd” as a "a straight rock and roll album".

“Hydrograd” is expected to be released in June via Roadrunner Records. Album was recorded in Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

On Meltdown of the WIRF radio station, Johny Chow commented on songwriting process of the new album (via Blabbermouth):

"[STONE SOUR singer] Corey's [Taylor] been out doing SLIPKNOT, so the whole time while he was out doing that, we'd all get together every six months or so and record about six songs over at Roy's [Mayorga, drums] studio, and came up with eighteen songs, and

"Everybody in the band wrote on this album. People would have their song ideas kind of in demo form, and we'd all exchange them, learn them, and then when we would meet up at Roy's, we would work 'em out and lay 'em down. Then Corey would come in and lay down his vocals. There was a couple of songs on there that were just acoustic guitar and him singing that turned into full-band songs."

When it comes to style, he described it by saying:

"this album is just a straight rock and roll album. There's some kind of Foo Fighters -meets - Cheap Trick, but there's also groove-heavy stuff. It's not heavy in the way of Slayer; it's more heavy in the way of [Black] Sabbath — not sounding like Sabbath, but not that super-heavy, super metally. It's just very groove-oriented, very melodic [with] big choruses. We've got some mellower songs on there too, which are equally just as amazing and have a lot of groove to them."

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    More like schlock & roll if it's anything at all like previous Stone Sour albums.