Papa Roach Present New Single 'Help' From Upcoming Album

"Help" is the second single from the new album.

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Papa Roach Present New Single 'Help' From Upcoming Album

"Help" is the second single from the new album.

Papa Roach teamed up with PledgeMusic and offers a pre-order of the new album.

On November 1, 2016, "Crooked Teeth" was the first song to be released from the upcoming record.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    The song is alright, but why is music so "clean" these days? I feel that one of the main reasons rock and metal are losing popularity is because most of it is just as whiny, overproduced and fake as all the Top 40 stuff. I was listening to The Stooges I wanna be your dog yesterday, and realised that rockers these days are a bunch of little girls with first world problems pretending they're angry at something. There's no real grit in it.
    It's not genuine anymore. You hit the nail on the head with "they're pretending to be angry at something." It's not about actually venting out frustrations with something, it's about pandering to the widest audience. People can fill in the blank with what ever they're frustrated at. Most songs like these are just emotional mad-libs.
    Grit in music is long gone. Just a bunch of angry fucks like us to get mad and angry about a bunch of turds spoiling music for everyone. But then Egotism and rampant narcissism made the metal community think their ideas or beliefs we're better than everyone elses. This mentality brought on the idea of my metal is better because my solo is better. Yada Yada Yada. Long story short a lot of Nu mteal acts hashed upon the pop spam and bashed against the pop radio sound. You ego fucks are the people that brought Nu metal down because it wasn't good enough for you. This is all youre doing. It's like someone has cancer, then the immune system attacks the cancer, and then you guys come in and basically tell the immune system that cancer (metallica load/reload era shit too (eeeewwww musical aids) Yuck) is cool, which everyone really knows its not, but you're so loud and obnoxious and unreasonable, we just stop worrying about it. So, now we're stuck with Metallica dueting with Lady Gaga, and I hope you suffer.
    I enjoy you defending Nu Metal a little. I'm a lover of the genre as a whole and it seems some of the Nu Metal genre haters might eat their own words from back in the day. The whole genre revolted against the mainstream. Something that's been missing ever since and now we see Pop's rise and little to no one on the otherside willing to take it down.
    Generic 'complain about being misunderstood, beg to have your voice heard' You can almost guess the next line in the song before you've heard it
    Wow..Paparoach is back after how many years..I'm sure their album will surely get a platinum.I love their bands so much when I was in high school specially the LAST RESORT song..Good luck for your new album guys..
    After Linkin Park's huge disappointment yesterday, this was quite refreshing to hear. Sounds like a good progression from The Connection and F.E.A.R, looking forward to the full album!
    Was expecting a more rocker tune... Glad I got this! Something a little different!
    fuckin' A! This new album is going to be awesome. Papa Roach never dissapoints, Linkin Park however...
    Are they done being emo? This band completely sold out when they jumped on the whole scenester emo bandwagon.
    I believe they have gotten over that stage. Their new album is said to sound somewhere between 'Infest' & 'Getting Away with Murder' with more rapping. It's already shaping up to be much better than Linkin Park's new EDM album.
    I thought lovehatetragedy was great, but that's just me...I have an awful taste
    I too dig that record. It's well produced and has a warm, organic mix - something that's been missing on all of their subsequent albums. I guess we both have bad taste.
    Really enjoyed 'Crooked Teeth' and this one has some cool spots in the verses. Can't wait for the whole album.
    Koby Dick, Whatever happened to that guy? I heard he was good at being a rock vocalist.