Ray Luzier on Korn Being Nu Metal: 'I Don't Know What That Is'

"Anyone could make a style up..."

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Korn drummer Ray Luzier doesn’t appreciate the band being labeled as nu metal, in fact, he’s apparently not entirely sure what nu metal is.

Speaking recently with Linea Rock, he was asked if he considers the group to be a nu metal band, to which he replied:

“To me, I don’t know what that is. Anyone could make a style up. I don’t know… all of these emo [bands], I don’t get it. To me, Korn is Korn. It’s its own thing. It’s hard rock, it’s metal, it’s hip-hop, it’s funk…all of this stuff wrapped into one. It’s not just aggressive metal music. I can’t call it metal, but hard rock doesn’t fit either. It’s Korn. It’s the style. [Laughs]”

By tha way, Luzier joined the band only in 2007.

If you missed it, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis also recently weighed in with his issues on Korn being called a "metal" band.

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    It's 2017. Why the fuck are we still arguing about what is or isn't 'nu-metal'.
    There isn't that much to it. I've always thought of nu metal as just a fusion of traditional metal (heavy distorted guitars etc) with other forms of popular music, such as electro, rap, hip-hop and funk etc. That and copious amounts of hair gel and makeup. Kidding, of course.
    Gotta hate when bands try to be so unique that "ugh there's nothing like us, no labels we are totally more than everyone says" but if he honestly doesn't know what nu metal is, he is ignorant not unique
    "It’s hard rock, it’s metal, it’s hip-hop, it’s funk…all of this stuff wrapped into one", so it's Nu-Metal right?