Soilwork Announce Their New Lineup

The 25-year-old assumed the drumming duties in the band last summer and the group has now confirmed that he has been made an official member of the band.

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Soilwork have made it official. They have announced that they have tapped Bastian Thusgaard to be their official drummer, replacing the departed Dirk Verbeuren.

The 25-year-old assumed the drumming duties in the band last summer and the group has now confirmed that he has been made an official member of the band.

They had this to say, "We are super stoked to announce Bastian Thusgaard as our permanent drummer. He's been touring with us for quite a while and has been nothing short of amazing to work with, both on a musical level and on a personal level.

"Taking over after Dirk must have been pretty hard, but he has proven, time and time again, through our tours through North America, South America and Europe, that he is the perfect man for the job.

"Bastian is only 25 years old and already possesses such great groove and fantastic technique. We can't wait to see, how his ability will take us to the next level while we write our next album. It will be a beast, there's no doubt about it. We have so much left to say musically and Bastian will be the perfect drummer, to help the band evolve on our constant musical journey. Give Bastian a warm welcome everyone!"

Thusgaard adds: "First and foremost, I would like to thank Bjorn, Sven, David, Sylvain, Markus and everyone else involved in the Soilwork team for their very warm welcome. I want to thank Dirk for his guidance, support and ability to inspire young drummers like myself, to put in the hours needed in order to make it to this level. He is the reason that I've had my life's best musical experiences during these past ten months. To the fans that I've already met around the world and all the wonderful people surrounding me, thank you for your great support and positive feedback. It has truly been overwhelming.

"I am truly honoured to be given the opportunity to continuously work with Soilwork, a band that I grew up listening to and one of the key elements of my musical education. I am 100% committed to Soilwork and am looking forward to create music with my childhood heroes and to see what the future will bring. See you all on the road."

Fan can catch the band appearing at several European music festivals this summer, followed by additional dates in Sweden and Norway this November.

Soilwork Festival Dates:

May 21-22 Radio Rock Risteily Cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn

Jun 10 Bretigny-Sur-Orge, France - Download FR

Jun 17 Clisson, France - Hellfest

Jun 23 Gräfenhainichen, Germany - With Full Force

Jul 01 Helsinki, Finland - Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

Aug 05 Wacken, Germany - Wacken Open Air

Aug 11 Catton on Hall, United Kingdom - Bloodstock Open Air

Aug 25 Woerrstadt, Germany - Neuborn Open Air Festival

Fall Tour Dates:

Nov 10 Malmo, Sweden - KB

Nov 11 Garda, Sweden - Brewhouse

Nov 12 Oslo, Norway - John Dee

Nov 13 Linkoping, Sweden - Pitchers/The Crypt

Nov 14 Uppsala, Sweden - Katalin

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