Steelfall Streaming New Album 'The Event Horizon'

Portuguese metal band released their debut album.

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Portuguese metal band released their debut album.

The quintet was formed in September 2016 and was quickly invited to join the Raging Planet catalog. The distribution was handled by Glam-o-Rama.

The history of Steelfall begins in 2016 when guitarist and singer Sérgio Melo, known for participating in various musical projects, such as Hourswill, decided to invite some musicians to start a new project that is a mix of classic heavy metal and modern thrash metal.

Current members:

  • David Pais - vocals
  • Sérgio Melo - guitars/vocals
  • João Quintais - guitars
  • Pedro Martinho - bass
  • João Morais - drums

Their debut album "The Event Horizon" was released on March, 17.

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