Stuck Mojo Frontman: ‘If You’re Too Thin-Skinned, Then You Shouldn’t Be In This Scene’

Stuck Mojo frontman Robby J. Fonts recently shared some of his thought via

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Stuck Mojo frontman Robby J. Fonts recently shared some of his thought via

In his latest article on the website, titled "The Alternative To Alternative", he takes a look at the world of metal being too much of a safe place in his opinion. He stated:

"The music industry, like any other industry is filled with backstage politics. People kiss a ton of ass and stroke each other’s egos in order to further their careers. If you don’t conform to the way that everyone else thinks, you can potentially lose your job and get blacklisted.

That’s not what metal’s supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be about freedom of expression and individualism.

The problem that metal faces today lies with the current Social Justice Warrior manifesto that has hijacked the genre and culture. I understand why this is: metal heads are the ultimate outcasts. They have long hair, tattoos, awkward piercings, beards, dress weirdly and listen to obnoxiously loud music. These traits and more make metal heads a marginalized group of people who feel the inherent yet unnecessary need to speak on behalf of and defend other marginalized groups.

There was a time where punk and metal bands were against the establishment. Now they’re a part of it. It wasn’t about conforming to mainstream values and saying the things that everyone wanted to hear…it was about standing out and being outrageous.

Artists weren’t afraid to speak their minds and have differing opinions from everyone else. In today’s scene, you either agree with everyone or keep your mouth shut.

You know why there aren’t any new memorable figures in rock bands today? Artists play it safe, because it’s become too offensive to be offensive.

New artists who are politically incorrect in any way risk ruining their careers before they even begin and established artists are afraid to speak up against political correctness in fear of facing persecution from their peers. Everyone remains quiet and just goes along with the mob mentality.

Metal isn’t a safe space. It’s heavy, it’s hard and it’s aggressive. In both the music and the attitude. Musicians shouldn’t have to worry about offending anybody. Metal is supposed to be obnoxious and offensive. If you’re too thin-skinned, then you shouldn’t be in this scene to begin with."

This article is available here.

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