With The Dead (Feat. Electric Wizard, Cathedral Members) Announce New Album - 'Love From With The Dead'

The record lands on September 22 through Rise Above Records.

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British doom metallers With The Dead have announced the release of their sophomore album, titled "Love From With The Dead". The record is being made available on September 22 through Rise Above Records.

For those who flinched at the sheer, unforgiving brutality of With The Dead's first record, the songs on "Love From With The Dead" are liable to cause major emotional trauma. Darker, denser, more despondent and sickeningly heavy in numerous senses of the word, this is an album that re-establishes doom as a genre that embraces the extreme and not just some cozy, nostalgic reimagining of the early '70s. "Love From With The Dead" grimly extinguishes the light of hope and hammers home the hatred and futility that plagues our brief and brittle lives.

"Love From With The Dead" track listing:

  1. Isolation
  2. Egyptian Tomb
  3. Reincarnation of Yesterday
  4. Cocaine Phantoms
  5. Watching the Ward Go By
  6. Anemia
  7. CV1


  • Lee Dorrian (ex Napalm Death/Cathedral) - Vocals
  • Tim Bagshaw (ex Electric Wizard/Serpentine Path) - Guitar
  • Leo Smee (ex-Cathedral) - Bass
  • Alex Thomas (ex Bolt Thrower) - Drums

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