5 Reasons Why Dave Grohl Is The Nicest Dude In Rock

artist: Dave Grohl date: 06/11/2012 category: entertainment

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5 Reasons Why Dave Grohl Is The Nicest Dude In Rock
Dave Grohl's recent good deeds during a sojourn in Philadelphia shouldn't come as a surprise he's the nicest guy in rock! The Philadelphia Inquirer reported (via Spinner) that Grohl left a whopping $2,000 in gratuities at the Smith and Wollensky bar in Philly's Rittenhouse Hotel, where he dropped the first grand tip on "a drink" last week, and returned the next night with a second g, after having "a few drinks." While Wavves have already stepped in to explain Grohl's winning personality to the world, Spin.com decided to outline another few of the key points from his decades-spanning "good dude" crusade.
  • Remembers Deserving Fans: A few years ago the Guardian documented perhaps the most prominent "nice guy" anecdote to Grohl's name he recognized a fan with cerebral palsy who had sent him and the Foos photos of her dancing to their music and spent 20 minutes chatting with her after a show. At a later Queens of the Stone Age gig (he was sitting in on drums), he recognized her again, and invited her to attend their video shoot the next day. Dave Grohl: nice even when nobody's documenting it on camera.
  • Doesn't Creep on Frances Bean Cobain: Courtney Love alleged Grohl had "hit on" Frances Bean Cobain, who quickly released an official statement stating, "I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I'm in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother."
  • Performs in Fans' Garages: To promote their 2011 record Wasting Light, Foo Fighters brought the show to eight lucky fans' own homes. "I didn't win the lottery, but I got this," one superfan said, "If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is pay to have Foos play in my garage."
  • Hate-Protests the Hate-Protesters: Before a Kansas City, Missouri, show last fall, Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters gave a group of hate-mongering anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church protesters a taste of their own medicine by dressing up like "rednecks" and performing a goofy country spoof about, among other things, "hot man muffins" while the group picketed their show.
  • Forbids Fighting at Foo Shows: Sometimes, it's tough love.
    Read the entire article at Spin.com.
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