A Perfect Circle Guitarist: 'I'd Like to Get a New Record Underway, but Maynard's in Full Tool Mode'

artist: A Perfect Circle date: 10/31/2013 category: entertainment

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A Perfect Circle Guitarist: 'I'd Like to Get a New Record Underway, but Maynard's in Full Tool Mode'
A Perfect Circle co-founder Billy Howerdel recently discussed future recording plans, expressing both hope and uncertainty due to singer Maynard James Keenan's work with Tool. Asked on the given matter by Rolling Stone, the guitarist commented: "I hope to, but I know Maynard is in full Tool mode right now. They're writing a new record, and I have given him some songs that maybe he's going to look at, but I don't know how he does with juggling those things at the same time. I'd like to get an APC record underway. But I don't know - I'm just leaving it up to him and what his schedule allows. I'll be there when he's available." Tool have recently posted an update regarding the new album, confirming "a lot of progress," particularly on the so-called "epic" piece they've been working on for a while now. However, the exact date of studio entrance and therefore album release yet remains unknown. But back to A Perfect Circle, Howerdel also talked about the band's new track "By and Down," which will be included on their upcoming box set "Three Sixty." The guitarist noted that the recording process turned out more difficult than expected, since the band had already played the tune live in 2011. "I thought you'd just throw it down, but studio recordings are just a different thing than live," he explained. "It's a different thing than rehearsal - especially for a band like this, where there are layers and textures involved. So that was a little more challenging than I thought." Finally, Billy discussed the lineup of new Ashes Divide album, revealing it will certainly consist of drummer Jeff Friedl, bassist Matt McJunkins, as well as a few other musicians that he'll figure out along the way. The latest APC studio effort, "Emotive," saw its release in November 2004 via Virgin Records.
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