ABBA Considering 2014 Reunion

artist: ABBA date: 11/12/2013 category: entertainment

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ABBA Considering 2014 Reunion
Swedish pop icons ABBA have announced plans for marking the 40th anniversary of their Eurovision triumph with "Waterloo" hit single, hinting at a possible 2014 reunion. As Sky News reports, singer Agnetha Faltskog told German weekly Welt am Sonntag that the band is definitely thinking about the major event anniversary. "There seem to be plans to do something to mark this anniversary in some way," she said. "But I can't say at this point what will come of them." The 63-year-old vocalist also admitted that hitting the stage had become increasingly difficult with age, noting that the ABBA crew is "getting older. I can't imagine going onto the stage on walking sticks," she added. Faltskog wasn't much in the mood for pondering whether the band will reform, saying, "That eats up too much energy. Don't just think about it, just do it." Back in October 2012, the band's songwriter and guitarist Bjorn Ulvaeus ruled out any chance whatsoever for ABBA to reunite. "We are the only group of that status that has never been reunited. I think that is cool," the 68-year-old said. "It is a strength for ABBA that you remember those young, ambitious, energetic people during the '70s rather than some feeble old folks who feel compelled to get up and play all the time." Formed in Stockholm in 1972, ABBA reigned global charts for a decade, releasing eight studio albums featuring such hits as "Dancing Queen," "Money Money," "Mamma Mia," "The Winner Takes It All" and more prior to disbanding in 1982.
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