Ace Frehley to Gene Simmons: 'Go Back to School and Get Educated'

artist: KISS date: 08/19/2014 category: entertainment

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Ace Frehley to Gene Simmons: 'Go Back to School and Get Educated'
As Gene Simmons' recent string of controversial statements got far enough to spark a KISS radio ban in Australia, the band's former guitarist Ace Frehley reacted by telling ex-bandmate to get back to school.

"Gene has single-handedly alienated just about everybody on the planet," Ace told Artisan News.

"First he attacks immigrants, and then he belittles poor people by saying 'be nice to rich people because we're the ones who give you jobs. Then he attacks people with depression, alcoholics, drug addicts. The only thing left for him to do is attack the whole gay ... movement. I've heard him do that in public, so that's probably yet to come.

"He prides himself on being such an intellectual, he brags about being able to speak seven languages," Frehley continued, explaining how depression, alcoholism and addiction are "very serious" diseases. 

The guitarist then went back to Gene, saying, "I think it's time for Gene to go back to school and get educated in the health field."

As reported, Simmons had since apologized for his comments, more info here.

To give you some music news, Gene has recently noted being up for working on new KISS music, insisting that a full-length album is the only way to go. "We're open to it," he told Ultimate Classic Rock when prompted to comment about fresh material. "As a matter of fact, I was writing a new song the other day called 'Your Wish Is My Command.'"

Asked about the possibility of releasing a single only, the bassist replied, "It's not our style. That's pop stuff. That's disco. We want to make a full-album statement."

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