Brian May Remembers Freddie Mercury's Final Days: 'He Was Completely Focused'

artist: Brian May date: 04/11/2014 category: entertainment

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Brian May Remembers Freddie Mercury's Final Days: 'He Was Completely Focused'
Queen guitarist Brian May has been talking with Times of Malta (via Something Else Reviews) about the final song he worked on with Freddie Mercury.

As May notes, Freddie was determined to finish the track in spite of his illness:

"I would write a verse down, and sing it to him because the song wasn't really written at that time. And for each line, he did four takes. And then we'd write another verse. And he would be like, 'Give me a vodka.' That gave him his strength. After another shot, he's say: 'Give me more lyrics. More, more more. I want to do this.' He was completely focused. He knew that he wouldn't be there that long."

The track, "Mother Love," would ultimately appear on the band's posthumous 1995 album "Made in Heaven." It was recorded one month before Mercury died:

"That was the last thing we ever did together. Freddie was really quite ill. He would only have moments where he was OK, and he could prop himself up and sing. But he was eager to work. He loved to work. It was the thing that really made him smile."
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