Fall Out Boy Will Annoy You Even More With Signature 'Flappy Bird' Game

artist: Fall Out Boy date: 02/12/2014 category: entertainment

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Fall Out Boy Will Annoy You Even More With Signature 'Flappy Bird' Game
Fall Out Boy are aiming to launch their signature version of viral game "Flappy Bird" featuring each of the four band members.

The original game was removed from app stores by creator Dong Nguyen as he got sick of the notoriously rage-inducing feature.

"Rome wasn't built in a day, but this game was," the group tweeted. "In the spirit of Fall Out Boy Trail, we bring you Fall Out Bird. The follow-up post detailed release date, adding, "Fall Out Bird coming this week to Google Play and the App Store (as soon it's approved). Shoutout to OG Flappy Bird, RIP."

Soon after the announcement, #FallOutBird was already trending, showing signs of the game's eventual popularity. Will you give this one a go?

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