GC Clapton Crossroads Collection, Pt. 3: Martin 000-28EC

artist: Eric Clapton date: 03/01/2013 category: entertainment

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GC Clapton Crossroads Collection, Pt. 3: Martin 000-28EC
Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton has teamed up with Guitar Center to offer a selection of five super cool and exclusive limited-run instruments from Fender, Gibson, Martin, as well as a selection of signature guitar straps from Ernie Ball. The collection will be available to purchase starting March 21, 2013 and proceeds from all sales will benefit Clapton's Crossroads Centre in Antigua, which the drug and alcohol treatment facility Clapton founded in 1997.

Martin Guitars has created three exclusive limited edition Eric Clapton signature acoustic models using wood that was personally selected by Guitar Center's buyers. Clapton had always preferred the more comfortable shape and sweeter tone of a 000-sized model for both performance and recording, rather than a larger dreadnought body. So naturally, his signature acoustic guitars have always been 000 models like those EC models Martin has offered in the past. However, none of the previously released EC 000 guitars were Crossroads editions and do have some slightly different features and appointments.

First in the Crossroads series is a 000-28EC built with Madagascar rosewood back, sides, and headplate, which will be offered at $5,999 MSRP. There will be 75 available for the US and 75 available for Europe and Japan. Also available are two 000-45EC models. One is constructed with Madagascar rosewood back, sides, and headplate for $12,999 MSRP. The second 000-45EC is crafted with prized Brazilian rosewood for its back, sides and headplate for $49,999 MSRP. Due to its high demand, as well as its very limited and restricted supply, Brazilian rosewood is considerably more expensive, hence the significantly higher price. Only 30 Madagascar rosewood models will be available in the US and 25 for Europe and Japan, but only 12 Brazilian rosewood models will be available for the US and six for Japan. The 000-28EC features a Crossroads logo inlaid on the headstock while the 000-45EC models include two Crossroads logos inlaid on each side of the bridge. All of the EC Crossroads Martin guitars will come with a special hardshell case with a Crossroads logo and Clapton signature printed on the shroud, an exclusive leather Martin strap, as well as a special sound hole label and certificate of authenticity that are both hand signed by Clapton and Chris Martin IV.

By Lisa Sharken
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