GWAR's Oderus: 'People Criticizing Miley Are Just Showing How Old They Are'

artist: GWAR date: 12/05/2013 category: entertainment

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GWAR's Oderus: 'People Criticizing Miley Are Just Showing How Old They Are'
GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus once again took a defensive stance toward young pop star Miley Cyrus, stressing he simply can't see what's all the public ruckus about. Chatting with Loudwire, Oderus described people bashing Miley and her VMAs performance as old, since neither her provocative dance or overall behavior are something new and shocking. Asked on whether Cyrus' VMAs show had surpassed GWAR in terms of "truly disturbing performance," Urungus was quick to comment: "Absolutely not. I think [that] anyone who thinks that Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs was disturbing is just way too old. I mean all she did was wave her a-s and stick her tongue out a bunch. It's nothing that hasn't been done a thousand times by young artists learning about their sexuality." Oderus continued by giving an example of what he'd consider as truly disturbing show. "Now if it was Jennifer Anniston, I'd be disturbed 'cause she's in her freakin' '40s and apparently she just did make a stripper movie, so that is pretty f--king pathetic!" Getting back to this year's VMAs, the frontman added, "First of all, I though that dude behind her in the Beetlejuice costume was a little more disturbing. All it did for me was - the people who piled up on her to insult and critique and criticize her - I just thought they were showing how old they were." Urungus concluded, "Honestly, if that is what upsets people in this world today, then we need GWAR more than ever." During the rest of the chat, Oderus discussed how GWAR "opened doors" for such classic cartoons as "South Park" and "Beavis & Butthead." He also addressed the band's new album "Battle Maximus," so make sure to check out the clip below.
Back to the Miley thing - is Oderus right? Was the whole matter just blown way out of proportion? Let us know in the comments.
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