Josh Homme Appears as a 'Disappointing Gay' on 'Portlandia'

artist: Josh Homme date: 04/16/2014 category: entertainment

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Josh Homme Appears as a 'Disappointing Gay' on 'Portlandia'
In his ever-growing list of acting credits, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has played a demon, R2D2, and a taxidermy enthusiast Dale on an episode of Comedy Bang Bang.

Now, asĀ Consequence of Sound notes, for his appearance on this week's episode of "Portlandia," Homme gets to stretch his wings by playing a "disappointing gay."

Serving as the brother to lead Carrie Brownstein, Homme brings his boyfriend (played by comedian Nick Swardson) to Portland for a visit. When the lovebirds don't adhere to certain stereotypes, preferring hot wings and Jagerbombs over pinot gris and redecorating, endless hilarity ensues.

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