Lana Del Rey Rumoured to Record Next James Bond Song

artist: Lana Del Rey date: 09/04/2014 category: entertainment

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Lana Del Rey Rumoured to Record Next James Bond Song
Just a few weeks after Sam Smith denied rumours that he's recording the next James Bond theme, now it's reported that Lana Del Rey is supposedly penning the song for the next film.

According to a source quoted by the Sun (Gigwise reports), "Producers know it has to be a great song with a killer vocal to rival the phenomenal success of Adele's 'Skyfall.' Sam seems like the favourite but Lana could definitely give him a run for his money."

Sam Smith recently told NME, "I think it's something everyone would love to do, but yeah, it was all news to me. I won't say any more on it."

Other artists who have expressed wishes to follow in the footsteps of Adele, Nancy Sinatra, Madonna and Shirley Bassey, include Sia, who recently took to Twitter to say, "Can I PLEASE do the Bond song, universe?"

Del Rey has some experience in film soundtracks, having contributed "Young and Beautiful" to "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack, and covered "Once Upon a Dream" for "Maleficent."
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