Lemmy Announces Solo Record: 'I Ain't Done With Music Yet'

artist: Motörhead date: 11/26/2013 category: entertainment

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Lemmy Announces Solo Record: 'I Ain't Done With Music Yet'
Motorhead mastermind Lemmy Kilmister announced a packed recording schedule, confirming plans for recording a solo album, as well as a hefty number of collaborations involving the likes of Dave Grohl, Joan Jett and more. Chatting with Revolver, 68-year-old frontman made sure to point out a few things, stressing that recent health scares won't stop him from delivering rock 'n' roll. "No, I ain't done yet with the music," he kicked off (via Blabbermouth). "After I get better, we're gonna try to tour again, and if I can't do that full-on, I want to do another album with [the rockabilly band] Head Cat, and, of course, I want to do a couple more Motorhead records. "But the next thing I've got coming out is my solo album, which is almost done. I still want to do a track with [Skunk Anansie vocalist] Skin before I put it out. There are two tracks with the Reverend Horton Heat, two with the Damned, a track with Dave Grohl, and a track with Joan Jett. Right now we're thinking of calling it 'False Teeth for the Deaf.' It's all just great rock and roll, that's the only way to describe it. Some of it is bluesy and some isn't. It's not Motorhead, but obviously there are elements in common." So it seems we're up for epic tunes galore from Lemmy, but the singer didn't avoid discussing his health issues either, confessing that the good times are catching up on him. "I just feel really down," he said during a separate New York Times. "I'll never get a job again. I'm paying for the good times, I suppose. It's a mixture of all the things I ever did - and I did plenty." Lemmy also touched on the matter of his lifestyle, confessing he was forced to give up a few of his favorite bad habits. "I’ve already given up smoking," he said. "I drink wine and that’s it."
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