Mike Portnoy on Dream Theater Split: 'I Wish I Did What Geoff Tate Did With Queensryche'

artist: Dream Theater date: 05/14/2014 category: entertainment

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Mike Portnoy on Dream Theater Split: 'I Wish I Did What Geoff Tate Did With Queensryche'
Mike Portnoy recently weighed in on the Queensryche settlement, comparing it to his Dream Theater split and wishing he took some of the actions similar to Geoff Tate.

What the drummer referred to during a recent Trunk Nation chat was the legal aspect and the way Tate managed to retain rights to "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" records.

"I think it's smart," Mike said (via Blabbermouth). "I mean, that's what Roger Waters did with 'The Wall.' And, to be honest, I wish I did it with my 'Twelve-Step Suite,' but I didn't think of it at the time. 'Cause I get that. If Dream Theater was to go out there and perform my five-song concept thing that was completely my concept and my baby, it would break my heart to see them doing that. So I get it."

Noting how Waters would've been crushed if he hadn't kept "The Wall" rights, Mike got back to the Ryche case, saying, "But, to be honest, who the hell cares about 'Operation: Mindcrime' at this point? It's been so done to death over the last 20 years, who the hell cares?"

In conclusion, Portnoy added that the final settlement was definitely the right one. "I think it's right that Michael [Wilton], Scott [Rockenfield] and Eddie [Jackson] got the name, because it's those three guys and they are in the band. I shouldn't have gotten the name Dream Theater; it makes sense and I get it."
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