New Music Playlist: Phil Anselmo, TesseracT, a CSA Astronaut and More

artist: Misc date: 05/17/2013 category: entertainment

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New Music Playlist: Phil Anselmo, TesseracT, a CSA Astronaut and More
Welcome to our weekly playlist of the best new rock and metal streams from around the web. Phil Anselmo has been a mighty influence on modern metal, and his first ever solo tracks show no signs of wearing down the pace. Be ready for that one, it'll knock you over if the volume is high. We've got something quite different for you this week from a real astronaut covering a David Bowie song. It's more than just a novel idea; the recording is good, the singing is great, and there's a sentimental air to the whole thing which gives it real magic. It's a must-watch. Elsewhere we've got some stunning rock, prog and metal worth exploring, starting with the mighty TesseracT who have a full album stream available. Enjoy, and let us know what you like in the comments - we're always reading and taking your feedback to make these playlists even better.

Phil Anselmo "Usurper Bastard's Rant"

The mighty Anselmo proves himself to be one of the most terrifying frontmen in all of metal with this absolutely brutal preview from his debut solo album which is out on July 16.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield "Space Oddity" (David Bowie cover)

Now for something really special. A real astronaut on the International Space Station has recorded a cover of this David Bowie hit, and it's really darn good. Every lyric sounds like it carries more weight when it comes from an astronaut - ironic for a guy who lives in zero gravity.

TesseracT "Altered State" (Full album)

The last few preview tracks have been a stunning display of modern prog, and now you can enjoy the full album in all its glory. Time to strap on a proper pair of headphones, methinks.

Vienna Circle "Dreams Presage"

Traditional prog rock with a modern twist. This 13-minute epic is the centrepiece of their new album "Silhouette Moon," so prepare yourself with a cup of tea before diving in.

Anvil "Eat Your Words"

Whatever you think of Anvil, the charming documentary that brought them another round of fame in the last few years is enough to push them up the playlist chart.

The Mercy House "My Disease"

Fancy vocal acrobatics and steaming hot riffs from their 2012 debut album "A Broken State of Bliss."

Dagoba "I, Reptile"

French metal with an astounding aggression. This song appears on their new album "Post Mortem Nihil Est."

Deed of Flesh "Amidst the Ruins"

Sitting somewhere between grind core and thrash metal is Deeds of Flesh. This song doesn't make for comforting listening - but then, that's the whole point.
What did you like or loathe? Post your reviews and share your discoveries in the comments.
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