Nikki Sixx: 'RIP Sully Erna - Oops, I Meant Your Career'

artist: Nikki Sixx date: 12/24/2013 category: entertainment

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Nikki Sixx: 'RIP Sully Erna - Oops, I Meant Your Career'
Nikki Sixx recently took a quick jab at Godsmack frontman Sully Erna, continuing an ongoing feud. "RIP Sully Erna ... Oops I'm sorry, I meant your career," Nikki twitted, possibly in regards to Erna's latest role in "Army of the Damned" movie. The mentioned feud goes back a while, starting with Sully's critical comments about Crue and Nikki's treatment of Godsmack's during the Crue Fest. Erna has later admitted that the band's "Cryin' Like a B-tch" track was inspired by the event. As for the more music-related part, Sixx has confirmed wrapping up the writing process for the new Sixx:A.M. album, also announcing a 2014 release. "Good news," the bassist posted on Facebook. "All the songs on the new Sixx:A.M. are finally finished being written. I just played my last bass parts today and DJ [Ashba] is finishing guitars this weekend. We put every ounce of our souls into this album and we can't wait to share it with you in 2014." The latest Sixx:A.M. studio effort, "This Is Gonna Hurt," saw its release in May 2011 through Eleven Seven Music.

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