Petition Demanding Leonardo DiCaprio to Appear Onstage With Meshuggah

artist: Meshuggah date: 02/21/2014 category: entertainment

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Petition Demanding Leonardo DiCaprio to Appear Onstage With Meshuggah
Following the viral mashup clip "Meshuggah Face of Wall Street," metal fans have kicked off an online petition demanding Leonardo DiCaprio to appear onstage with the band during Meshuggah's upcoming Bonnaroo gig.

As Metal Sucks reports, the petition stresses that "DiCaprio needs to fully embrace his newly found importance in the metal scene by joining Meshuggah on stage for at least one song. He must wear a suit, and everyone in the crowd must pound their chests."

In case you haven't checked out the clip, it's a must-see, so give it a look now in the player below. If you want to sign the petition, you can do it here.

And speaking of Bonnaroo, Meshuggah were officially announced among the festival's latest batch of performers. Mastodon, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and more have also found their place on the bill, check out the full lineup here.

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