Sacha Baron Cohen Quits Freddie Mercury Movie

artist: Queen date: 07/24/2013 category: entertainment

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Sacha Baron Cohen Quits Freddie Mercury Movie
A movie based on the life of Queen singer Freddie Mercury was supposed to start filming two years ago, but has hit another major roadblock now its star Sacha Baron Cohen has quit. The "Borat" actor was a driving force in bringing the biopic to life, but has grown unhappy with developments after clashing with the band over the storyline. According to Deadline, "the band wanted to make more of a PG movie about Queen while Cohen was counting on a gritty R-rated tell-all centered around the gifted gay singer." Cohen had brought in writers and directors early in the process to encourage the band to give the movie the green light, but the dispute over creative differences could now bring the project to a standstill. It's a dramatic change of tune since 2011 when Queen guitarist Brian May was singing the praises of Cohen: "Sacha does seem perfect. If it hadn't been for Sacha pushing and pushing, we wouldn't be at this point. We didn't choose him. He chose us," May said. "He is passionate about playing Freddie. For years, he's been saying he is going to do it." Can you think of anyone else who would suit the Freddie Mercury role? Have the band been too strict with their legacy? Let us know in the comments below.
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