Tommy Lee Reveals His Secret For Staying Slim: Drumming For Motley Crue

artist: Tommy Lee date: 08/02/2012 category: entertainment

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Tommy Lee Reveals His Secret For Staying Slim: Drumming For Motley Crue
Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is one of rock's flashiest players, performing a very physical and flamboyant set that includes him playing upside down in a cage. In a new interview, the drummer admits that the Crue's demanding live shows take a lot out of him. I was curious because after a show, y'know, I'm whupped man, and I'm like, I'm curious. I'm going to get one of those pedometers that joggers put on their shoes,' Lee tells Vevo. The things that tell you how far you go? I was curious, like Man, I know I've got to be getting some miles in no question.' I put it on and after the show I took it off and I looked down and it said 13.1 miles. I was like What? That's insane, dude!' No wonder I can't keep weight on and I'm a skinny f--ker. Because I sweat I must sweat ridiculous amounts. Lee admits that performing in his custom-made cage has its special challenges. When you're playing upside down, it takes twice the strength. You have to realize try to picture yourself upside down and now that you're playing drums upside down you're actually pushing up you're fighting against gravity because everything wants to pull your hands down. The drummer will log hundreds of miles behind the kit on Motley Crue's summer tour with KISS, which runs through Sept. 23. Thanks for the report to
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