Top 10 Guitar Shredders

artist: Misc date: 10/26/2012 category: entertainment

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Top 10 Guitar Shredders
On Wednesday we asked you to nominate and vote for the best guitar shredders in history.

Shredding has a loose definition, but it can include sweep-picked arpeggios, finger tapping and wailing whammy bar action. Ultimately, is has to kick ass.

Hundreds of you nominated, and the results have been counted. Thanks for taking part.

Here's your official UG top 10 guitar shredders. Enjoy!

10. Al Di Meola

The bespectacled jazz player favours Spanish guitars and latin rhythms. Be sure to check out his amazing duet with Paco De Lucia too.

9. Joe Satriani

Joe is one of the best known guitarists in the world for a good reason, namely his ability to make guitars sound like alien spaceships. He currently plays guitar in Chickenfoot.

8. Guthrie Govan

The mild mannered English man can shred in any genre (though there's no record of him nailing down dubstep, yet).

7. Dimebag Darrell

This stunning micro-shred is one of many reasons why the late Pantera guitarist is sorely missed.

6. Steve Vai

Steve started out working with Frank Zappa, and went on to win Grammy awards for his solo work. Because he's rad.

5. Jeff Loomis

The former Nevermore guitarist has a series of instructional videos on YouTube called "Super Shred". No sh-t.

4. Jason Becker

So good that he can fling a yo-yo while melting the faces of the first five rows in the audience. Tragically, a degenerative disease means Jason can only communicate with his eyes now, but continues composing music using a computer.

3. Marty Friedman

The former Megadeth guitarist apparently has an unorthodox picking technique, where he often uses upstrokes which can make it harder to emulate his techniques.

2. John Petrucci

One of the best known prog guitarists of all time, thanks to his role in Dream Theater which has been rocking since 1985. You thought he'd come first, didn't you?

1. Paul Gilbert

Even by the age of 15, Paul was impressing label folk like Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records when he asked to join Ozzy Osbourne's band. Paul frequently appears on lists of the best guitar shredders of all time, but today he's your favorite.

Thanks for your votes! If you can find better videos of these guitarists in action, be sure to share them in the comments.
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