Top Reader Comments of 2013

artist: Misc date: 12/23/2013 category: entertainment

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Top Reader Comments of 2013
One of the best things about Ultimate Guitar is that we have the biggest and most active guitar community in the world. And under every news article, we have a riot reading their comments which can be everything from funny and informative all the way to unsettling. Yeah, it can be a mixed bag. But we wouldn't change you for the world. Here's the most up-voted comments of the year, and every one of their authors will win ad-free access to the site for one year. Keep your comments coming on every post you read, because they really make us laugh and you could appear in front of millions of visitors in a thread like this. Thanks for another great year. Here's to another! From Top 10 Best Metal Guitars with 490 upvotes, Finetic's sense of irony was the most popular comment of the year: "But what about [obscure guitar] that [obscure guitarist] plays?! This list sucks." From Westboro Baptist Church Plan to Picket Jeff Hanneman's Funeral with 449 upvotes, Sundb3rg says it plainly: "I think they chose the wrong funeral to picket." From Top 10 Rock Couples with 431 upvotes, Low Profile says what everyone else was thinking: "No David Bowie and Mick Jagger?" From Top 10 Worst Types of Music Fan with 393 upvotes, DickHardwood flatters this very writer Tom Davenport and earns an extra 100 awesome-points for this comment: "Really entertaining. Keep the guy who wrote this on the payroll guys." From Top 10 Metal Frontmen with 336 upvotes, teamoverdrunk16 responds to another commenter who received minus 157 votes: "jsk020 tried to kill the metalā€¦" From Top 10 Best Rock Collaborations of All Time with 320 upvotes, onetonryan reveals where you'll find a metal Disney soundtrack: "On your little sister's iPod." From Megadeth Asking Fans For Guest Singer Suggestions with 315 upvotes, AAAaaayyy! goes for the easy laugh and wins: "james hetfield" From John Frusciante Named The Coolest Member Of The Most Uncool Band with 309 upvotes, notaconotaco expresses his douchey hipster feelings: "I got hipster douche chills from reading that." From UG Awards: Worst thing That Could Happen Next Year? with 298 upvotes, Jonny 25 93 makes the winning answer to one of our award polls this year: "Kerry King is now the only original member of Slayer" From 55th Grammy Winners with 292 upvotes, jody97 speaks on behalf of all UG readers with their opinon on mainstream music: "F--k this." From This Week's Question: Best Female Fronted Bands? with 292 upvotes, Mountain_Goat quips: "one direction" From Slayer Release Official Statement On Dave Lombardo's Replacement with 276 upvotes, captainperoxide lays out the whole Slayer debacle in five words: "Dave's new demands: 1. Pay me" From Science: Listening to Metal Makes You Happy with 261 upvotes, knaegt proves they've been watching too much "Breaking Bad": "YEAH. Science b-tch!" From Top 10 Metal Guitar Riffs with 247 upvotes, cyclonus replies to the question about Green Day's absence in the list: "Probably in the repetitive three-chord riff list" From As I Lay Dying Frontman Tim Lambesis Arrested in Murder-For-Hire Plot with 247 upvotes, im not mental spells it out for super-creep Tim Lambesis: "ffs Tim, you play in As I Lay Dying, not Bullet for my Valentineā€¦" From Dumb Nirvana Fan Requests Video Message From Band with 246 upvotes, Mkorn reveals a passion for "Airplane!": "no! just an idiot. and stop calling me shirly" From Metal Fans Suffer From Anxiety and Depression, Claims the Latest Study with 234 upvotes, D4CE hits a common note that some readers feel: "Intelligent people are more depressed than others." From Dave Grohl: 'Gangnam Style Is One Of My Favorite Songs' with 232 upvotes, Braykah sees through Grohl's trolling antics: "Meanwhile, Dave Grohl is sitting at his computer, smiling like an evil genius and waiting for the immense sh-tstorm to be unleashed among his UG fans. Oh you, Dave, oh you." From YouTube to Launch $2 Channel Subscriptions? with 232 upvotes, notaconotaco explains why YouTube's monetisation featuires are doomed to fail: "HAHAHA!!!! That is funny! Can't wait to watch these videos on another website for free." Thanks again for being such a great community. You're a big part of why this site is amazing. Congratulations to all our winners, and everyone who voted for them. And good luck with getting in the poll list next year!
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