Varg Vikernes Posts Burzum Playthrough Videos, Uses Table as Amp for $40 Guitar

artist: Varg Vikernes date: 08/25/2014 category: entertainment

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Varg Vikernes Posts Burzum Playthrough Videos, Uses Table as Amp for $40 Guitar
Following his recent hate crime sentence, Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes got back to music, presenting a series of guitar playthrough videos via YouTube.

The thing that strikingly stands out in the clips is the fact that Varg apparently doesn't own an amplifier. In fact, it seems that up until recently, he didn't own an electric guitar either, but a $40 used axe changed that. So basically, it's as metal as it can get.

Throughout the videos, Vikernes is using his table as a replacement for an amp, pointing out that it's been a while since he wielded a six-string. He also dubbed the clips a closest thing we'll get to "Burzum Live," just in case you had any hopes up in that area.

Also, Varg was using the Papyrus font, which apparently caught a lot of attention from the crowd, ultimately resulting in a few snarky comments. So check out the vids below.

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