10 Musicians Who Made Mistakes Taking Drugs

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10 Musicians Who Made Mistakes Taking Drugs
Our favorite musicians of rock and metal have had a drug related past, some probably don't. Some even died because of their drug or alcohol use. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, Dee Dee Ramone, Bon Scott, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison (suspected heroin overdose, but theres other theories too), Elvis Presley, etc. But the artists on this list, are people who made wrong choices are are surprisingly still alive. After you read this, think about this, do you want to make the choices these musicians made. Some readers might think this is pointless, but this will teach you about the dangers of drugs and fame.

Keith Richards

Prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin, any other drug you can think of, The Rolling Stones guitarist has probably taken it. In an interview with, he has admitted to snorting his late fathers ashes. It's a surprise that he's still alive after taking a lot of drugs.

Iggy Pop

Former addict Iggy Pop hated his days as a drug-addled hellraiser - because he wasn't "dumb enough" to fully enjoy a high. The Godfather of punk has struggled with years of a heroin addiction. Thanks to this addiction, his wild stage antics while under the influence put him in a mental institution. How did he get the drugs? Glam rocker David Bowie smuggled them to him. Iggy is now sober, but his drug past is still part of Iggy Pop and The Stooges band history.

Eric Clapton

His song "Cocaine" (originally written by JJ Cale) was influenced from his drug addiction on, well, cocaine. But that wasn't the only drug he took. His $16,000 a week heroin habit almost drove him to suicide in the 1960's when he was with Cream. But he didn't because then he said he'd stop drinking. Because of these addictions, he suffered car crashes, health problems, and being so drunk he performed lying down, he went to a rehab center in Antigua and is now sober. But his horrific drug pat is still in Clapton's history as a musician.

Saul Hudson (Slash)

Now this is a real easy choice to pick for who had a drug problem in the '80s and '90s. The Guns N' Roses guitarist has a history of drug problems. The song "Mr. Brownstone" was influenced by not just Slash's heroin habit, but the whole band's heroin habit. Even before the making of their hit album "Appetite for Destruction," he struggled with a heroin addiction. In 2001, he was diagnosed with a heart problem, and doctors said he has a short time to live. But therapy and a pace-maker saved his life, now he is sobered up and says he has no regrets.

Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith frontman and guitarist Joe Perry have both struggled with addiction when they were with the band. Steven Tyler has taken cocaine, even while on stage. Thanks to this he has attended multiple rehab sessions over the years. In 2009, he fell off stage while under the influence. After the incident, he said the experience boosted his creativity. He has admitted that drugs ruined his life, cost him millions, and gave him hepatitis C.

Brian Wilson

Pot, hash, LSD, cocaine and more drugs influenced The Beach Boys biggest hit "Good Vibrations." Wilson said that cocaine gave him creativity and ideas for songs, but has admitted that the comedown was awful. His drug, alcohol, and food addiction costed him his absences for music and the deterioration of his voice and mental health. Today, he is now sober and is still playing with the Beach Boys.

Dave Mustaine

The reason why he was kicked out of Metallica. The former Metallica guitarist and Megadeth frontman struggled with years of addiction. One of the reasons why he was known as "That One A-shole In Metallica." He has taken 14 different dugs over the years and it was said that Mustaine died in the hospital because of his drug abuse, and was soon brought back to life. I don't know if that's true or not. He has gone to rehab 15 times, while the basset took him 1 time to get clean. Every time he was on MTV, he was always stoned. But now is is kind of sober and still performing and making albums with Megadeth.

Shane MacGowan

The lead singer of The Pogues has a long history of drug abuse, he should be the face of anti-drinking campaigns and anti drug campaigns. Thanks to his dug abuse, he lost his almost all of his front teeth and you can't barely understand a word he's saying. He's even vomited on fans, try to eat a Beach Boys CD, was ratted out to police by Sinead O'Connor so he could quit heroin, and was forced out of his own band because of his drinking. He is not sober, and is still drinking and doing drugs. Shane, give us a favor and go to rehab.

Ozzy Osbourne

Judging on all the drugs he took over the years, he is like an Iron Man. The Prince of Darkness over the years of his musical career he has mixed alcohol with possibly every drug imaginable. Thanks to this, you barely understand what he's saying in his songs and when he's not singing. He survived multiple overdoses, being fired from Black Sabbath, dealing with Randy Rhoads death, and urinating on the Alamo all of these while under the influence. He has also snorted ants and bit heads off bats. But the important thing is that he's still alive, after abusing multiple drugs and drinking heavily.

Nikki Sixx

Now this was an easy choice, not just Sixx, but the whole band of Mötley Crüe was addicted to the whole sex, drugs and rock n roll life style in the '80s and '90s. But the one member who had the struggle the most with drugs was co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx. Over the years he has struggled with cocaine and heroin addiction along with alcoholism. Even after going to rehab, he still took cocaine and heroin. He said in an interview that when he overdosed on heroin, he was in the hospital and died in that hospital, he said that he could see his dead body and that he was like a ghost or spirit or something. But he has had other overdoses and near death experiences. But now he's sobered up and is still performing with Mötley Crüe and Sixx:A.M.
First off, if there's anybody missing from the list, let me know in your comments. Second, the artists I mentioned have had a regretful past due to drug and alcohol related issues. I don't know why they turned to drugs. Did they have a troubled childhood? Did the grasps of fame get to them? Did someone influence them to do drugs and alcohol? I don't know. If you're doing drugs or addicted to alcohol, contact your closest rehab center. You might think this article is pointless, but let it teach you. Don't make the same mistakes these artists did.
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