10 Reasons Why Your Band Will Never Make It

date: 09/04/2013 category: features
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10 Reasons Why Your Band Will Never Make It
You've been going for a few years now, the band is on the up and there's that little glimmer of hope on the horizon. Give up, you're not going to make it. But the new songs are so much better than the old ones, they're kinda raw and edgy but still have that commercial, pop-sensibility that A&R guys are just going to love. Trust me, you're not going to make it and here's why... 1. Your songs are sub-standard, 6/10 at best. 2. You can't take criticism. 3. You sound like your favourite bands. 4. You might be 100% focused and relentless in your quest for success but there's at least one band member who'd rather be sitting on the sofa, eating fried chicken and watching "Family Guy." 5. You think you're 100% focused but deep down you would also rather be sitting on the sofa, eating fried chicken and watching "Family Guy." 6. You don't practice your instrument enough and when you do, you're just jamming your favourite songs rather than trying to improve. 7. Your radio plugger doesn't really do anything. 8. You drink too much, wake up late and certainly have no time for exercise in that "busy" schedule of yours. 9. You think that sending an email to your favourite record label counts as a days work. 10. "Making it" is 99% luck and you're just not that lucky. 11. Your PR guy doesn't really do anything either. 12. You're too old. The music industry is a shallow place my friend. 13. You don't have any personality or charisma on stage. 14. You're a bit ugly. See point 12. 15. You're an unemployed musician on a low-income and you can't invest in yourself. 16. You don't invest in yourself so why should anyone else. 17. You're too content. 18. You spend more time reading articles about "Making It" than you do actually trying to "Make It." Ok, that's 18 reasons, I got carried away. I'm just playing devils advocate here but if you're really honest with yourself, there might be at least one or two things in this list that relate to you. I'm no music industry guru but I know a lot of bands and musicians that didn't make it and most of them tick every box. #LAZY. About the Author: By Adam Mezzatesta. Check out more at his website.
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