12 Weirdest Song Titles in Rock

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12 Weirdest Song Titles in Rock
Rock and metal musicians can sometimes take a sudden turn to the weird zone, or just never leave such a zone in the first place. Weird song titles have been out there for quite some time now and as a guaranteed attention grabber, have occasionally been in a way misused or forced for the sake of just being weird. But sometimes, they actually deliver a cool message in a unique way. Anyhow, we'll just focus on the weird titles for now. Check out some of the weird rock song titles we've rounded up below and feel free to join the discussion in the comments section.

Frank Zappa - "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?"

The number of weird Frank Zappa songs is great enough to compile a list of its own, but for now we'll single out the "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?" tune. A part of Frank's 1979 rock opera "Joe's Garage," the song is a part of the ridiculous story we highly recommend checking out.

Tool - "Hooker With a Penis"

A fairly obvious choice and a tune that allowed us to see Maynard wearing a dress and makeup on stage. There are several theories regarding the song's meaning out there, but what is clear is that the tune was inspired by a raging fan, so much is very clear. One side claims that Maynard (or the band) is the "hooker with a penis," while the other side argues that it's the fan. Got any theories of your own?

Alice in Chains - "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here"

This one comes as a representative of more recent releases. There's a solid chance you already know the story behind the title of the latest Alice in Chains record, but when it was initially unveiled, it was labeled as nothing short of weird.

Anal C-nt - "Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck"

Late grindcore legend Seth Putnam and his Anal C-nt hardly left the weird domain, resulting in such track titles as "You Were Pregnant So I Kicked You in the Stomach," "I'm Gonna Give You AIDS," "I Snuck a Retard Into a Sperm Bank" and more. The one we singled out, "Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck," was initially titled "Connor Clapton Committed Suicide Because His Father Sucks" and was dedicated to Eric Clapton's son. Talk about being overly offensive, right? Just in case you were wondering about the lyrics, they go something like "Eric Clapton sucks, Eric Clapton sucks, Eric Clapton's gay, and he's f--king gay."

Queens of the Stone Age - "I Was a Teenage Hand Model"

Although he can hardly match the weirdness of his grindcore peers, Josh Homme can still deliver it in a more subtle way. And on such track is the "I Was a Teenage Hand Model" tune off QOTSA's 1998 self-title debut effort.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - "I Wanna Find a Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have to Go"

Another master of rock weirdness, late great Captain Beefheart, has a vast array of weird, brilliant and eccentric work to offer. Leaning toward the weirdness extreme rather than brilliance, "I Wanna Find a Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have to Go" is a perfect sample worthy of our list.

Marilyn Manson - "Baboon Rape Party"

The instrumental tracks sometimes have a tendency to carry the weirdest titles. And one such tune is Marilyn Manson's "Baboon Rape Party" off 2003's "The Golden Age of Grotesque" record.

Joe Satriani - "The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing"

Still in the instrumental domain, Joe Satriani drops in as a representative of guitar virtuosos with his "The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing" track, proving that song vibes can sometimes be described in the weirdest possible ways, and even end up as official titles.

Cannibal Corpse - "Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's C-nt"

Grindcore masters Cannibal Corpse are an obvious choice, hence a vast array of their tunes can fit the description we're looking for - "I Cum Blood," "F--ked With a Knife," "Meat Hook Sodomy," just to name a few. But this time around, we've singled out the "Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's C-nt" track off their 1992 record "Tomb of the Mutilated."

Primus - "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver"

Earning Primus a Grammy nomination, "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" caused a controversy after a false interpretation that it's dedicated to actress Winona Ryder. It even caused her boyfriend at the time, Soul Asylum singer David Pirner, to rename one of his tunes to "Les Claypool's a Big F--king A-shole." Classy.

GWAR - "Pre-School Prostitute"

A weirdness list without GWAR simply wouldn't be complete. They have plenty of weird stuff to offer, for example "Pre-School Prostitute" track off their 1997 effort "Carnival of Chaos."

Pink Floyd - "Several Species of Small Fury Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict"

Now that's what you call a song title. Coming off one of Pink Floyd's most brilliant albums (at least the live record part), "Several Species of Small Fury Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict" sees the band going to extremes of their sonic experimentation. Funnily enough, the song pretty much sound like the title suggests.

Since it's individual songs we're talking about, there's basically infinite material to discuss. So once again, feel free to share the weird-titled tunes in the comments.
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