5 Classic Bands You Might Have Hard Time Getting Into

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5 Classic Bands You Might Have Hard Time Getting Into
One of rock music's basic characteristics is unpredictability. It got the most unexpected people to different places, combined odd pairs and still resulted in some all-time classics. However, distinctive features of certain big-league artists are still a put-off for a portion of fans. We've rounded up a brief rundown of such acts, join us for a Top 5 below.

Ozzy-Fronted Black Sabbath

A decent portion of rock fans has a problem with Ozzy's voice. Black Sabbath invented heavy metal and although Osbourne isn't technically the best of all vocalists, the guys made it work. The magic is obviously very much out there, but Ozzy's high-pitched voice tends to be considered as a put-off, or even straight bashed as "baby-like."

Paul Baloff-Fronted Exodus

Even hardcore Exodus fans admit that late Paul Baloff's vocal abilities were far from top-notch. Baloff was known for his stage presence and energy, but that still wasn't enough for some fans to get into the band's music. Current Exodus singer Rob Dukes recently said that "when Paul Baloff was alive, everyone thought he sucked."


Despite the guitar brilliancy, Dave Mustaine's screeching voice isn't everyone's cup of tea and is definitely a unique segment of Megadeth sound that both attracts fans and wards them off. Which side are you on?

Brian Johnson-Fronted AC/DC

Original AC/DC singer, late great Bon Scott already had a high-pitched vocal delivery, but when Brian Johnson was brought into the fold he took matters to a new level of screechiness. The band had since claimed the throne as possibly the biggest hard rock act ever, but some of the fans just couldn't get into the vibe.


Yes is the band that should be listed as an example, but Rush seems to get more kudos around here, so we'll go with the Canadian act instead. Anyhow, similarly as Yes' Jon Anderson, Geddy Lee has a distinctive high-pitched voice occasionally frowned upon by some fans. Fact is, his voice is not for everyone, but Rush have reached the rock icon plateau nevertheless.

So are there any famous rock or metal bands you just can't seem to like? Let us know in the comments.
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