5 Metal Albums To Avoid

date: 10/15/2013 category: features
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5 Metal Albums To Avoid
Well, I've heard a lot of good music in my so far short life, but I've heard a lot of bad music too. Everybody has and that's the point of this article. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the worst Metal albums in history!

Number 5: Metallica and Lou Reed - "Lulu"

I'm not sure what Metallica were thinking when they decided to release this album. It's not that it's necessarily terrible, more like the ultimate definition of weird. Lou Reed's vocals don't help either.

Number 4: Motley Crue - "Saints of Los Angeles"

I can't really say anything specific about The Crue's latest studio effort, but I found myself liking this album less than the albums with the guy who wasn't Vince Neil, whose name I have erased permanently from my memory. I'm kind of glad the band is saying goodbye next year and for the record, I actually enjoyed 1980's Motley Crue.

Number 3: Deftones - "Covers"

I liked some of this album, but then again, I'm a big New Wave music fan. I doubt anyone who isn't a big New Wave music fan could enjoy this at all.

Number 2: Limp Bizkit - "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water"

The title sounds dumb enough, but the entire album is pretty much self-parody, enjoyable by maybe the top three percent of Rap Rock fans, the rest will probably think this album is garbage. It is.

Number 1: Lostprophets - "The Fake Sound of Progress"

This is the single worst album ever, not even just in Metal music. It's a wall of noise. I cannot distinguish between instruments, or even understand what the lyrics are.
There you go. I hope everyone enjoyed this trip through the dumpsters of musical filth. Feel free to submit your own picks in the comments below.
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