Are We the Waiting

date: 03/19/2014 category: features
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Are We the Waiting
Three weeks ago, a mysterious countdown was seen ticking away on Green Day's official website. When questioned about it, the band would refuse to answer. Today the timer hit zero, and Green Day called a press conference to make, what they so modestly called, "a big-a-s announcement."

Billie Joe Armstrong, the band's front man, addressed the crowd, "For over twenty-five years now, our band has been lucky enough to do what we love to do: make music. None of that would've ever been possible, though, if it weren't for our fans. I honestly believe we've got some of the best fans in the world, and I hope that they'll support us with whatever we choose to do. I'm standing here today because our band is currently working on a new album. I honestly think it's one of the best we've ever written. It's also different than anything we've ever written. For the first time in our career, Green Day is making a punk rock record!"

Nobody would've ever expected Green Day - the same band to make not one, but two rock operas (one of which is being turned into a major Broadway show) - to ever make something as raw and unpolished as a punk record. Kudos to Armstrong and the gang for not being afraid to try something new. We surveyed a few fans to hear their thoughts on this announcement.

One fan had this to say: "Honestly, Green Day is the best band in the world. You'd have to be blind and/or deaf not to see and/or hear that! Whatever they do, I know it's gonna kick butt!"

Another fan we spoke to was equally optimistic: "I really don't know that much about punk rock other than the fact that the Ramones invented it. It should still be good though. I hope it still sounds like classic Green Day though. You know, '21st Century Breakdown' type stuff."

One fan was less enthused: "No, no, no! What the heck are they doing?!? They're gonna ruin themselves! Honestly, punk rock was cool for, what, a week? I mean, I get that they wanna try something new and all, but they should be thinking of the fans first and foremost! And what we want is more 'Viva La Gloria!'"

What do you think? Does Green Day have what it takes to try their luck at being a punk band, or should they stick to what they do best: making commercially acceptable, radio-friendly rock operas? Let us know in the comments!
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