Four Forgotten Underrated Albums

Hidden gems of the musical world.

Four Forgotten Underrated Albums
I find it saddening when a band releases an album and it gets so much hate, simply due to the fact that it wasn't the exact thing the fans and critics wanted at that time.

So, here are some albums I feel should get a little respect.

1. David Bowie - "Young Americans"

Bowie's one and only disco-funk experiment record actually isn't bad. It's still definitely got a nice sound to it, though it doesn't sound anything like "Ziggy Stardust."

2. Iron Maiden - "Somewhere In Time"

Why is this album never on the top anything list of any metalhead? I mean, come on, WASTED YEARS!

3. KISS - "Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions"

Yes, this is the infamous KISS grunge rock record that Gene Simmons didn't want released, as the band was trying to become a nostalgia act. It's pretty fun and has the only Bruce Kulick lead vocal ever.

4. Black Sabbath - "Born Again"

The group of musicians on this album was originally going to be called something other than Black Sabbath and that might have been a good idea, as "Born Again" sounds the least like Black Sabbath of any of the 19 albums in the bands studio discography.

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    Trust me, I have not forgotten about Somewhere in Time. Alexander the Great is easily one of the best Maiden songs of all time.
    An interesting list, I think "Headless Cross" by Sabbath is another forgotten gem Tony Martin absolutely kills it in "When Death Calls".
    Aryan Death Man
    Honestly,The four albums you mentioned get reasonable recognition and praise.At-least,they are not hidden gems as you claim they are.Which metal-head hasn't heard 'Wasted Years' !? If you wanna hear underrated,then go listen to 'Portal Of I' by Ne Obliviscaris or Carnival of Rust by Poets Of The Fall or Art Of Life/Blue Blood by X JAPAN. Go on and have a won't regret it
    I understand where you are coming from but, I think they were going to a theme of something like forgotten albums by popular bands, not unknown albums by bands you never heard of.
    Somewhere in time underrated? man, that is like my 2nd favorite maiden album (after killers)
    ummmm. . . since when is Somewhere in Time underrated? Everybody loves that album.
    More about it being a #1 on Metal album lists. Usually I see Blizzard, Diary or M.o.P. on #1 lists.
    It's album came after Powerslave arguably known as Iron Maiden's 2nd best, so it might be little underappreciated.
    John 5's short lived band Loser had a pretty awesome album, Just For You, but because it was never released, is largely forgotten and unknown. The album is absolutely brilliant, I (personally) wish it got a release, John 5's guitar work on that album was pretty fantastic, despite the fact it isn't a shredfest which he is known for
    I don't know...I still can't get into Carnival of Souls. I think Creatures of the Night is largely overlooked by the mainstream rock crowd even though it has been held in high regard by most KISS fans for some time.
    Anty 7
    This is the most interesting article I've ever read. Thank you.