Is Metal Fading Into Obscurity

date: 08/03/2012 category: features
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Is Metal Fading Into Obscurity
I don't know how apparent this is to any of the other metal enthusiasts but I feel that the relevance that metal once had is slowly diminishing. Before any of you jump on your high horses and blame the "main stream media" for pushing mediocre pop down our mouths, though they can be responsible for a lot of the damage, you might want to look at your selves and ask what are you doing to make it cool again? Remember when metal was metal and not the over 30 sub-genres(according to Wikipedia)that it has become in order not to offend anyone? Yes there are clear differences between Nu-metal and Thrash but if the differences are not apparent without having to analyze the songs structure and elements at great depths you're just nit picking. It's fairly apparent to anyone who takes an objective view at metal that this over saturation of genres has led to some pretty bad things. It pains me to say this but metal is slowly becoming pretensions. Metal fans pride themselves on being the masters of self expression. Hell the genera started on the idea of self expression. But today there's a right way and a wrong way to express themselves. It's ignorant and narrow minded to bash others music because it is not "BR00TAL" enough. What is wrong with MU-metal or metal-core? Yes there are mediocre bands in those genres but to label the whole genre as "poser metal" and judge anyone who thinks differently hampers metals ability to expand because who wants to start listening metal if there going to get bashed for listening to blackened death-core as opposed to blackened death-metal. Furthermore it goes against the ideology that started metal. Self expression. To make problems worse "true metal heads" have a nasty tenancy to bash any and all genres of music. You think pop is all the same? Metal can sound the same too. There have been many times were I have listen to some genre of metal and not been able to tell the difference between it and other forms of metal. Unfortunately the problems stem much further than this. Unfortunately bands that truly do deserve popularity either sellout or are so afraid to sellout that they end up resorting to self parody. Metal is a fantastic genre that does deserve your time and energy but there are far too many sub-genres that make it over whelming for people getting started. This saturation leads to discrimination as "true metal heads" won't listen to that band because their posers. I am tired of metal fans being labeled as "emos" and then finding out that they to label people as "fags" or "posses" because they don't like the sub-genre that they do. It's bizarre and doesn't make sense. Metal has been close to dying many times and I'm afraid this might be it's last straw.
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