Knockin' on Heaven's Door

date: 04/11/2014 category: features
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Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Martin Anderson, a salesperson at a local Guitar Center, collapsed today near the end of his shift. Martin is said to be an employee that's both hard-working and disciplined. "He always knew how to get the sale," Martin's boss says, "He had a great way of dealing with people. Everybody here loved him."

Martin, we've been told, has a clean bill of health and doctors are now certain that this was not some sort of drug-induced episode, but rather something much more severe. One doctor had this to say: "A job like this can be a dangerous one. The human mind tends to like to latch on to routines whenever it can. The food we eat, how we get ready in the morning; everything. It's very possible that this man's routine may have been altered enough to send his body into some sort of shock."

Another co-worker of Martin's offered her thoughts: "Every day Marty and I would eat lunch together, and every day he'd complain about this kid who'd come in and play "Sweet Child O' Mine." The kid didn't come in today though. Maybe that's what messed him up?"

Doctors support this theory, and feel it would be best for Martin to make listening to that song a daily routine. "Unfortunately, medical science has only progressed so far. We wish we could do more, but for now it looks like the poor guy may be stuck having to listen to that song for a long time..."

Whatever the case may be, we all hope Martin makes a speedy recovery and gets back to work real soon!
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